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Panay Island, Philippines

by WCC on March 26, 2012

in Asia

Panay is a large island in the archipelago of the Visayas , which the Philippines belongs.Panay has an area of 12297.1 km ² and approximately 3.42 million inhabitants. On the island Aklanon, Hamtikan and Hiligaynon spoken. The island is shaped like a triangle pointing to the east, and measures in length as in width more than 130 km. On the west coast extending north-south direction, a ridge, the eastern part of the island is flat.

Panay Island 550x412 Panay Island, Philippines

Panay Island

In the north it borders with the Sibuyan Sea , northeast of the Jintotolo-channel , on the east by the Visayan Sea , on the south by the Guimaras-road and the Gulf of Panay , in the west of the Sulu Sea and the north-west by the Tablas street . To the north lie the Romblonen and Masbate , on the east Bantayan and the big island of Negros , in the south is the smaller island of Guimaras.

Panay has interesting places: the island of Boracay , Phaidon Beach, Bugang River and Malumpati Cold Spring in Pandan, Mararison, Batbatan and Maniguin Islands Buswang Beach, Hawili Falls, Danawan Cave, Panao Lake, Pula Waterfalls, Baybay Beach, Moro Towers, Suhot Spring, Anhawan Beach, Molo Church and Roca Encantada. To the southwest is the Sibalom Natural Park . Lives on the island of Panay monitor lizard and the Panayhornvogel .

The island is accessible by plane or ferry. The old (now converted into a shopping center) airport and the port for the ship Runs are within Iloilo City . The airport Iloilo International Airport is located just north of the city.On the island there are buses, jeepneys and so-called tricycles .

Panay Island Sunset 550x364 Panay Island, Philippines

Panay Island Sunset

Panay Island Philippines 550x412 Panay Island, Philippines

Panay Island Philippines

Panay Island Beach 550x412 Panay Island, Philippines

Panay Island Beach

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