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Palomino Colombia

by WCC on June 2, 2012

in South America

Palomino is one of seven townships in the municipality of Dibulla, belonging to the department of La Guajira in the Republic of Colombia. Palomino located on the Caribbean Cross, along the River Palomino, near the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Palomino is the boundary between La Guajira and Magdalena Department. Is 26 km from the municipal seat of Dibulla, 90 kilometers from Riohacha and 72 km from Santa Marta. Its territory is all thermal, from sea level to the perpetual snows of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Bordered on the north by the Caribbean Sea, east to the districts of Rioancho, south to the Department of Cesar and west by the Department of Magdalena.

palomino Palomino Colombia


Township was the town of Riohacha until December 5, 1995, when through Ordinance No. 030 of the assembly department of Guajira is Dibulla Township, becoming part of it. Palomino is located in the municipality of Dibulla the department of La Guajira and is only 2 meters above sea level. It is one of the five villages that make up the municipality of Dibulla. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Colombia. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, sits as an isolated mountain, apart from the Andes mountain range that runs when Colombia. Reaching an altitude of 5,775 meters above sea level 42 kilometers from the Caribbean coast, the Sierra Nevada is the world’s highest peak on the coast.

palomino playa colombia Palomino Colombia

palomino playa colombia

palomino guajira colombia Palomino Colombia

palomino guajira colombia

The Sierra Nevada encompasses about 17,000 square kilometers and serves as the source of 36 rivers. Palomino is bounded on the north by the Caribbean Sea, south by the municipality of San Juan del Cesar, on the east by the municipality of Mingueo and west by the department of Magdalena. Palomino is very close to the border with Venezuela. It limits with the department of La Guajira and Magdalena, and serves as the border to the town of Dibulla and La Punta de los Remedios.

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