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Palm Islands, Dubai

by WCC on March 4, 2012

in Asia

Palm Islands ( engl. for Palm Islands , Arabian جزر النخيل ) are three artificial islands (“The Palm, Jebel Ali,” “The Palm, Jumeirah” and “The Palm, Deira”), which since 2001 in Dubai , United Arab Emirates to be built.

palm islands 550x312 Palm Islands, Dubai

palm islands

So far, only “The Palm, Jumeirah ‘built and cars, however, is at” The Palm, Jebel Ali, “only entered the land reclamation and” The Palm, Deira, “was temporarily suspended during the reclamation of land and is unlikely to be completed in full form. Each of the three island groups in the form of a palm tree to be created. The “palm tree” is in the projects “Jebel Ali” and “Jumeirah” 5 and 4 km long and started as scheduled at the last project “Dubai” with a length of 14 km. In all, the islands reach an area of 50 square kilometers. These projects are made ​​possible by a topographical feature: Because of the continental shelf in the Persian Gulf far enough into the open sea, the water depth is relatively low. The islands consist of at least 100 million cubic meters of rock and compacted by vibration method, a special sea sand. Only “The Palm, Jumeirah” the coastline of Dubai extends about 100 km.

All three Palm Islands are owned by Nakheel , the state-owned development and construction company. The founder of the Kabul Bank , Sherkhan Farnud invested approximately $ 160 million in 35 luxury villas on the islands.

Both environmentalists and investors criticized the lack of water circulation in the area of the islands. Problems arose after the establishment of the first Palm (Palm Jumeirah) on the lack of water circulation between the heaped “palm fronds” and the changed water circulation along the coast line now cut off. Supported by the high temperatures in this region there were algae with muddy water. This can then tried to fight it with additional drainage, which succeeded only partially. In addition to the interrupted as a breakwater imaginary circle around the palm tree on either side to scroll through the tide to improve the water exchange.

Critics also expect traffic problems as soon as the Palm islands are inhabited full, so be on the only 560 acres of the Palm Jumeirah push for full utilization of all facilities once 50-60000 people. This would correspond to nearly the stress of inner-city neighborhoods. The entry and exit is made ​​via the trunk of the palm, the early-evening traffic, and also due to the confluence with the Sheikh Zayed Road could lead to extensive congestion.

Another criticism relates to the urban poor and the little existing public space of the Palm Jumeirah. So many viewers the serial development appears on the trunk with always the same-looking apartment buildings as too monotonous and only brief glimpses of coast to be insufficient. The towering building is too focused on use of terrain, it lacks any visual stimulus. Also on each palm leaves private property use had been stretched to the extreme and publicly accessible points on the roads are usually separated by barriers not provided.

palm islands view 550x447 Palm Islands, Dubai

palm islands view

palm islands house 550x425 Palm Islands, Dubai

palm islands house

palm islands from space 550x412 Palm Islands, Dubai

palm islands from space

palm islands dubai 550x310 Palm Islands, Dubai

palm islands dubai

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