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Palenque – Mexico

by WCC on March 24, 2012

in North America

Palenque was an important city of the Maya. It is located in present-day Mexican state of Chiapas in 1987 and has been a UNESCO – World Heritage Site. Near the ruins is the modern town of Palenque, the ancient city that has given its current name. Located near the excavation site dwelling people of the Lacandon is considered a direct descendant of the former inhabitants of ancient Palenque. The historical name of Palenque was probably Lakamha ‘ (in German as “Big Water”), while dominated by the urban area B’aakal (“Bones”) was called.

palengue Palenque   Mexico


The area of Palenque is located in the Mexican state of Chiapas, above the Rio Usumacinta . The city lies on a terrace on the hills of the highlands lying to the south of Chiapas, and extends approximately two kilometers from east to west. Numerous small streams flow through the archeological zone of Palenque. The ruins of the often artificial terraces were laid out, curve around to the green hills of the highlands, which were integrated into the architecture of the city. So far, only about 5 percent of buildings were exposed. The rest is still the jungle.

palegue temple mexico Palenque   Mexico

palegue temple mexico

palengue temple Palenque   Mexico

palengue temple

palengue site Palenque   Mexico

palengue site

The center of the city are the Temple of Inscriptions, which is probably the most famous buildings of Palenque, and his palace opposite. In addition to the complex of buildings located adjacent to the so-called cross-group clustered around the center of many other secluded buildings that were built on base platforms. Almost all the buildings were decorated with fine detail and rich stucco reliefs, both internally and from the outside walls. Equally typical of Palenque is the frequent occurrence of niches and the roof ridges of many buildings. Among other things, why does the architecture of the ruins of Palenque, often as a particularly elegant and graceful.

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