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Palawan Paradise

by WCC on February 20, 2013

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Palawan is an island province located in the Philippines. It is located between the southeast of the Sulu Sea and northeast of the South China Sea. Puerto Princess is its provincial capital while the province itself is the largest by land area. The province houses beautiful resorts and beaches as well as a marine park.

The province has various popular destinations like Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park, Aborlan, which is a rural university, Calauit, which is a wildlife sanctuary as well as a game preserve, Narra, Palawan’s Rice Granary,

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Palawan Butterfly Garden and San Vicente, which is a town that consists of many islands and barangays and has one of the world’s longest beaches.

The province of Palawan offers various activities and breathtaking views from its many locations within Northern and Southern Palawan. One of the many popular places includes the Tabon Caves located in Quezon. The caves have a hundred and thirty eight hectares of deep slopes, rugged cliffs and breathtaking scenery for the visitor to enjoy. Quezon also houses the Tumarbong Falls which is an ideal place for trekking and sightseeing. There are other various attractions in the area including beaches, islands, lakes and a forest cruise.

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Another popular place among visitors who simply want to relax and enjoy the scenery is El Nido, which is one of the jewels of the province. The beauty of the place is unrivaled with its beautiful beaches, huge limestone islands and translucent waters. There are various attractions in this area including Turtle Island, Marble cliffs, Commando beach, Makinit Hot Springs, the Daracuton and Shimizu reefs, and the big and small lagoons that are best explored through snorkeling. Other locations include Port Barton, which is perfect for some laid back relaxation with its beautiful beach, Coron, popular for wreck diving, Sabang, a town that boasts having a National Park with an underground river and Brooke’s Point, that has breathtaking scenery even though activities are limited to mainly farming and fishing.

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Palawan offers something for different types of tourists, whether it’s relaxing beaches, white sands, calm scenery or the adventure of exploration in various caves. The province is a captivating place with its fabulous and breathtaking landscape and sun drenched beaches. Considered the country’s last ecological frontier, this province not only houses beautiful resorts and beaches but it is also where two sites of the UNESCO World Heritage are located. Palawan is the perfect place to spend some time with family, loved ones or even alone for an unforgettable, stress free and enjoyable experience.

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Those planning a trip to Palawan can make reservations at the Corto Del Mar Hotel. Located among beautiful scenery in the Coron Town the hotel has many sports, restaurants and cultural hubs nearby. The hotel offers various services, facilities and amenities that include a private pool, massage and a recreational garden. With an ideal location with many of the city’s attractions nearby as well as impeccable service, the hotel not only ensures the complete comfort and enjoyment but an unforgettable stay for guests.

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