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by WCC on February 21, 2012

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Pakistan lies in southern Asia . Neighbouring countries are Iran and Afghanistan in the west, China to the north and India in the east. The country has control over the Khyber Pass and the Bolan Pass, traditional land routes between Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent.In the north of the country is between Pakistan and India disputed region of Kashmir .

pakistan Pakistan


In Pakistan, there are many different climate zones. In general, Pakistan can be divided into three climatic regions, which all have one thing in common: the rainy season from June to August. It may often be severe thunderstorms that can cause especially in the northern foothills (area around Islamabad) to hail. The temperatures are very diverse in Pakistan.

Coast: The coast is by European standards, the warm all year round, from March to November, even extremely hot. During the dry season is hot and dusty. During the rainy season but it is humid tropical, and quite unpleasant. As a travel time should be here during the winter months (November – February) to emphasize as favorable as seen under a year’s hot. Generally from the south wind brings with quite a lot of moisture, while the North wind is dry. In the north wind, the temperature can rise slightly even on the coast at about 45 degrees.

Desert / savanna valleys: During the winter the temperature from ever strong, and at night it can get quite chilly. The summer, however, is incredibly hot, temperatures can exceed 50 degrees, but without the high humidity, which is why even 35 ° C during the rainy season feel as hot as 50 ° C during the dry season. However, it can sometimes be a mix of moist air masses from the Arabian Gulf and the dry air of the desert come Masser, then this creates very unpleasant, extremely humid air masses with dew +30 degrees. The rainy season is not as pronounced as they do on the coast, the rainfall are limited. In the northern foothills, it can snow even in winter times, albeit rarely. Here the rainfall is also much more intense than in the southern valleys. In winter it can rain in the north also, there are two rainy seasons, so to speak here. The area around Islamabad is also known for their hail storms. Mountain View: Best time is the summer (June – August), because it is quite chilly in the winter. It can rain all year round.

We recommend a check with the airline, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Lufthansa. Other good international airlines are Emirates, British Airways and Gulf Air, some Pakistani airlines, Aero Asia and Air Blue, for example, offer flights from the Gulf countries. Also recommended is Ethihad Airways. The company is very generous with the weight limits for luggage.

Pakistani food is extremely greasy and often (very) sharp. Many traditional dishes include meat. There is also a large number of vegetarian dishes that match the dishes from Indian cuisine. It is often spurned by wealthy Pakistanis, however, vegetarian food, since the consumption of vegetarian dishes on some people as a sign of poverty is considered. In almost every dish chilli is included. Also, black and green pepper makes food for Europeans is not always a pleasure. Considering that the food does not allow a sharp sophisticated taste to many dishes are similar.

whale shark pakistan Pakistan

whale shark pakistan

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pakistan mountain

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pakistan mosque

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pakistan map

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Pakistani girl

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pakistan flag

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