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Ottawa Canada

by WCC on February 14, 2012

in North America

Ottawa is the federal capital of Canada . It is located in the eastern part of the province of Ontario on the River Ottawa , close to the border with the province of Quebec . Ottawa means “trader” in the language of the Algonquian , a people who drove at the time of settlement on the river trade. On the opposite bank of the river lies the twin city of Gatineau . Ottawa itself is one of 812 129 inhabitants, making it the sixth largest city in Canada, the Ottawa-Gatineau metropolitan area with 1,130,761 inhabitants (2006 census), the fourth largest metropolitan area in Canada.

peace tower ottawa Ottawa Canada

peace tower ottawa

The population is 63% English – and 15% French-speaking . Ottawa is in the region, the only officially bilingual city. In the city itself outweighs the English language, as opposed to the other side of the Ottawa-Gatineau River located in the French language predominates. By a large number of immigrants, many other languages ​​are common.

The economy of the capital came mainly from two sectors: one is the work of federal agencies and the federal government, on the other, of which the high technology industry. Ottawa shows the gross domestic product and net income of employees in the front seats and statewide compared won first place in the per capita number of inhabitants with university degrees.

ottawa parliament hill canada Ottawa Canada

ottawa parliament hill

The city of Ottawa lies on the southern shore of the Ottawa River at the mouth of the Rideau Canal and Rideau River . From the north, across the city Gatineaus, flows the Rivière Gatineau in the Ottawa River. The City of Ottawa is located in the eastern corner of the province of Ontario and is roughly the same latitude as Bordeaux and Venice .

The oldest parts of the city as Lower Town , and are known in the area between the Rideau Canal and Rideau River. On the opposite bank of the canal is Centretown (also downtown ), and the financial and commercial center of the city. Between the town center and the Ottawa River is Parliament Hill , the government district. In the Ottawa River are several smaller islands. Prior to pile up around the 60 m wide Chaudière Falls with 15 m trap depth. The natural waterfalls are now also artificially dammed and used to generate electricity. East of downtown rush on the Rideau River Rideau Falls for several cascades in the Ottawa River and form the mouth. The entire city is relatively broad and covers 2779 km ² with an area larger than the area of the Saarland is.

ottawa canada winter Ottawa Canada

ottawa canada winter

Ottawa borders the following districts ( counties ) in Ontario to the east by the Prescott and Russell United Counties , in the southeast of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry United Counties , in the south of the Leeds and Grenville United Counties , in south-west of Lanark County and the west of Renfrew County . In the north it borders on the district-free city of Gatineau and the regional county municipality Les Collines-de-l’Outaouais in Quebec City. The city is south of a green belt surrounded with a total area of 203.5 km ². This was in 1950 by urban planner Jacques Greber as part of a master plan proposed for the city in 1956 and implemented by the government.

The climate in Ottawa is a humid continental climate with a high bandwidth and record high temperatures ( Effective climate classification : Dfb). On 4 July 1913 was measured a maximum temperature of 37.8 ° C during 29 December 1933 to -38.9 ° C, the lowest ever recorded temperature was reached. Based on these Tiefsttemperaturrekord Ottawa belongs to Ulan Bator , Astana and Moscow to the four coldest capitals in the world. These huge differences in temperature will allow the city to hold a variety of annually recurring events, such as the Winterlude Festival on the frozen Rideau Canal. Due to the relatively warm summer in Ottawa, but is on average seen worldwide only to the seven coldest capital cities.

ottawa canada castle Ottawa Canada

ottawa canada castle

The summers are relatively warm and humid, but are relatively short. The average maximum temperature in July is 26 ° C with occasional incursions of cold air with decreasing humidity from the north of the country. Spring and autumn are due to the extremes of changeable accordingly. Hot days over 30 ° C can arise in early March or even late October. The average rainfall is around 914mm. The greatest amount of rain in one day on 9 September 2004, measured 136 mm. In Ottawa, the sun shines approximately 2060 hours per year, representing 47% of possible sunshine. Some occur in the summer tornadoes .

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