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Oslo, Norway

by WCC on March 12, 2012

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Oslo, formerly Christiania (1624 to 1924) and Kristiania (alternative spelling of 1877/1897 to 1924), is the capital of Norway with 613 285 inhabitants (January 1, 2012). Total population in the Oslo metropolitan area of around 1.9 million people. The city of Oslo is situated in the inner fjord area surrounded by forests and fjords. It forms an independent province and is the administrative center of the neighboring province of Akershus.

oslo Oslo, Norway


In the Heimskringla, a history of Norwegian kings, says the Icelandic scholar Snorri Sturluson, that Oslo in 1048 of King Harald III. was founded. Excavations of recent times, however, have Christian graves dating back to 1000 brought to light. For this reason, the city committed suicide in 2000, its thousand-year anniversary during 1950 until the 900th Birthday was celebrated. The medieval town had two castles, the royal court and the Bishop’s Castle. Within the city walls, there were nine churches, including St. Clement and the Hallvardskathedrale. There was a hospital and about 400 town houses of merchants and craftsmen. The houses were made ​​of wood.

The old Oslo lay outside the walls of Christiania. In spite of royal prohibition, it was resettled, mainly from poor and landless, who could not afford the high cost of living in the modern Christiania. About 24 percent of the 613 285 inhabitants are foreigners. As of 1 January 2004, designed the new districts, so that there are now 15 districts. Sentrum (city center) and Marka (forest and agricultural land Used) are no districts in the political sense, because they are managed centrally. On 26 January 2011, the population of Oslo step 600,000 residents.

oslo snow Oslo, Norway

oslo snow

oslo opera house Oslo, Norway

oslo opera house

oslo norway Oslo, Norway

oslo norway

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oslo city

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