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Orvieto, Italy

by WCC on June 8, 2012

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Orvieto is a city with 21,130 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2010) in southwestern Umbria in the province of Terni, Italy. The entire town is on a rocky plateau of tuff built. This city is a maze of rock basements, hallways and huge tanks through it, from which a small portion was re-opened for the visit. Numerous lines of streets arranged in Etruscan tombs are found directly below the city of rock, and on the slopes facing the town, there were tombs with murals.

orvieto cathedral Orvieto, Italy

orvieto cathedral

It is believed that Orvieto ( Urbs Vetus = old town), the medieval name and location of the Etruscan city Velzna (Roman Volsinii) is one of the twelve Federal capital cities of the Etruscan empire. This is not yet assured. Velzna, after a slave revolt in 264 BC by Marcus Fulvius Flaccus conquered. The Romans forced the survivors, in a less able to be fixed in Novi Volsinii to settle on Lake Bolsena, now Bolsena. Orvieto was occasionally the residence of the popes of the Middle Ages. Clement VII had here in 1527 to flee, after Rome had been destroyed.

Orvieto thrives on tourism. In the surrounding hills is the sculpture garden of La Serpara. The city is a member of Cittaslow, a movement founded in Italy in 1999 to decelerate and increase quality of life quality in cities due to environmental policy, infrastructure policy, urban quality, appreciation of indigenous products, hospitality, landscape and consciousness.

Orvieto is known as the namesake of the surrounding vineyards with the status of a Denominazione di origine controllata, short doc, known for the white Orvieto, which is offered in four flavors: dry and sweet. A total of 2853 hectares in 1480 winemakers work approved in the surrounding vineyards of the town of Orvieto.

orvieto underground city Orvieto, Italy

orvieto underground city

orvieto italy Orvieto, Italy

orvieto italy

orvieto funicular Orvieto, Italy

orvieto funicular

orvieto city Orvieto, Italy

orvieto city

orvieto Orvieto, Italy


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