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Orlando, United States of America

by WCC on March 10, 2012

in North America

Orlando is a city in central Florida, about halfway between Miami and Jacksonville , and approximately 130 km northeast of Tampa. Orlando has two major airports: Orlando International (MCO Orlando International Airport), which is served by major airlines and Orlando Executive (Karl, Executive Airport), which is used by business jets and flying schools. Around Orlando around, there are numerous airports: Kissimmee (KISM, Kissimmee Gateway Airport), Lakeland (KLAL, Lakeland Linder Regional Airport), Sanford (KSFB, Orlando Sanford International Airport), Leesburg (KLEE, Leesburg International Airport) etc etc. In principle, one to Orlando around never further than 45 km from the nearest landing site.

orlando Orlando, United States of America


The trip to Orlando is mostly via Interstate 4, which runs from Tampa to Jacksonville, on the Florida Turnpike, which runs from south of Ocala to Miami, or the State Road 27, a north-south link. With a card from the car rental companies to get easy always to all tourist sites. Many of the roads are toll roads, but are also often little traffic (except for the Bee-Line) and allow rapid achievement of remote districts.

Please note that a car should be booked as early as the home country. While there is little “cheap” rental agencies, but unfortunately, these higher costs must be paid locally. One recommendation is the book of the car with the ADAC discount (AAA in America). You just have to enter the membership number of the ADAC and you get a discount. The price of the home rentals are usually fee without fuel and without insurance, this must be paid on the spot then. Anyone with a car in America moves should also have a special insurance policy: “In contrast, the opponents of the accident is not insured.”

orlando sea world Orlando, United States of America

orlando sea world

Orlando has several bus routes. The bus system is called LYNX, a play on words with reference to the links (= links) and Lynx. It is outside the high tourist areas often used by people from under privileged backgrounds.
De facto is a rental car in Orlando, as in most American cities, is crucial. Some hotels do offer shuttle buses to the attractions and parks, but if you want to purchase to the nearest supermarket or eat next to MacDonald go, you need a car. Cycling is almost unknown in Orlando and would also be very dangerous. Walking is definitely dangerous, and is mostly limited to the road from the hotel to the car.

orlando disney Orlando, United States of America

orlando disney

In Orlando, there are 277 communities with 78 Kirchen.Die Baptists are the most numerous. Then the Protestant Church followed with 60 church buildings, and then the Catholic church with two churches and a chapel. The phone system is excellent for a prepaid phone but very expensive.

orlando florida Orlando, United States of America

orlando florida

Internet: Most hotels and many cafes offer Wi-Fi access. Are wired and free access is available in all public libraries – even for foreigners. Calls from public payphones from the candidate must have many quarter coins. European credit cards from credit card phones are often not accepted. The phone is generally expensive in America, but in the most expensive hotels, which often double the price of their most expensive phone company and then charge him (eg Marriott).

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