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Travel Guide to Vacation in Ontario

by WCC on February 21, 2012

in North America

Ontario is the province in Canada. Let’s see what objets in there. Barrie is a city very close to Lake Ontario, Ste. Mary among the Huron is a sort of museum village, located in the vicinity of the lake, and well worth seeing, since there the construction of the wooden huts of the Indians will be issued, in addition there is also a teepee in comparison to these Indian huts. Only be compared to the nomadic lifestyle of the nomadic Plains Indians and those living in permanent buildings “forest” Indians. In Simcoe, there is a railway museum, the daily drives over a 6-km stretch of old locomotives and is supported in principle by a private club. This museum lives on donations, so to speak, and the visitors who find it. If, however, well worth seeing.

niagara falls in ontario Travel Guide to Vacation in Ontario

niagara falls in toronto

Kitchener/Waterloo is known for its Amishgemeinde, but there should not be photographed. Respect the people and their faith over so requires, to stare at it obvious what is worthwhile, however, is the handiwork of anzschauen Amishleute and possibly buy in a patch a quilt workshop.

Manitoulin Iceland, one of the largest freshwater islands in the world can be reached by ferry from Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. The Bruce Peninsula National Park is situated near the small town. Sudbury’s nickel division in Canada. There is the world’s largest nickel mine and the Museum of nickel.

ontario lake Travel Guide to Vacation in Ontario

ontario lake

Of all the major European airports direct connections to Toronto and Ottawa. Flight time is about 7 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours. Do not forget your passport, a visa is not required.

ontario city views Travel Guide to Vacation in Ontario

ontario city views

As elsewhere in Canada, it is advisable to rent a vehicle. The distances are often underestimated, and the public transport network is not as tight as they used to in Europe. Whether you prefer traveling by car and in motels / B & Bs / hotels or stayed in an RV is a matter of taste preference. Both have advantages and disadvantages, both have their hard fans and their critics.

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