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Omo River, Ethiopia

by WCC on June 8, 2012

in Africa

The 760 km long Omo is a river in southwestern Ethiopia ( East Africa ). The year-round water-bearing river originates west of Addis Ababa and east of Nek’emte in the Ethiopian highlands . In the headwaters of the Omo River is the source of healing Wolliso . It flows mainly in a southerly direction. The southern part of the river, so its lower course forms the boundary between the region of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region and Oromia , where it forms the eastern boundary of the Omo National Park . After flowing through the Mago National Park, the Omo flows into Lake Turkana , just north of the border with Kenya .

omo river people 550x366 Omo River, Ethiopia

Omo River people

Along the Omo home to many Ethiopian tribes, such as the Nyangatom (boomerang), Kara , Dassanetch (Geleb), Arbore , Bodi , Mursi , Surma and Hamar . Many of them speak the named after the river omotischen languages ​​. The Lower Valley of the Omo plays an important role in the planned development of tourism in Ethiopia. It belongs since 1980 to World Heritage Site of UNESCO . Here were the other fossils Omo 1 and Omo 2 recovered to the anatomically modern humans ( Homo sapiens ) are attributed, and with an age of at least 130,000 years (according to recent dating probably even 195,000 years) of the oldest finds of the kind of count.

The aforementioned Omo National Park , with 4068 km ² the largest of Ethiopia, is one of the most wild, but most rarely visited national parks in Africa. The Omo River is to be expanded with several hydroelectric power plants (Gibe I to V). Gibe I and II of which are planned already in operation, under construction and Gibe Gibe III, IV and V. In July 2006, the Ethiopian government signed an agreement with the Italian company Salini Costruttori, regarding the construction of the Gibe III , the largest dam in the country. The dam will block the southwestern section of the Omo River, from the Ethiopian highlands to the sea flows Turkana in Kenya. Human rights organizations such as Survival International will assume that threatens not only the construction of the environment in the Omo valley but also the livelihoods of more than 100,000 tribal people in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Omo River 550x412 Omo River, Ethiopia

Omo River

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