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Ometepe Island Travel Guide

by WCC on March 5, 2012

in North America

The island of Ometepe is located in Lake Nicaragua in Nicaragua. The main attraction of this island are undoubtedly its two volcanoes, Concepción volcano and the Maderas volcano. Otherwise, there are several beaches, many banana plantations, waterfalls, meadows, generally everything is a bit greener than on the mainland.

ometepe Ometepe Island Travel Guide


Flora and Fauna – Ometepe has a tropical dry forest vegetation type to between 45 and 400 m above sea level. NN, which is then converted into a height of up to 100m in wet forest and cloud forest from 1100 m to. At the foot of the volcano to a height of up to 200m agriculture is operating (especially bananas, rice, beans, corn, sesame, cotton and tobacco cultivation and livestock) operated. The fauna Ometepes mainly offers a large variety of birds and aquatic animals. Including 80 hautsächliche native bird species in Nicaragua and some “endemic” species on the island itself, but also mammals such as monkeys and other wildlife are abundant.

Rivas out of taxis and buses 10 minutes drive to San Jorge, from where ferries run different (in very different states) for about an hour to Ometepe. People who are susceptible to motion should reconsider, especially in windy weather, this little trip. Buses and taxis almost everywhere on the island, but outside the main ring road, the streets are not fixed and therefore very short distances can result in long journeys.

ometepe volcano Ometepe Island Travel Guide

ometepe volcano

Activities – A nice trip is the “Ojo de Agua” , a natural spring with a clear (but as volcanic, non-potable) water. To this source is a natural swimming pool is built, where you can schiwmmen course. The site is overseen by a few young people who require U.S. $ 2 admission. With little time to visit, they also open the dam, so water can drain from the pool. Then you can see the water gushing from the ground and again closed dam, the pool fills again within 10-15 minutes by itself.

ometepe island Ometepe Island Travel Guide

ometepe island

Hacienda Merida is on the smaller of the two parts of the island to the southwest and offers cheap accommodation (single room U.S. $ 4 per person, bedroom 3US $ per person) and a small kitchen, from which one morning, you can buy lunch and dinner at set times of meals, and even must, as far as it has not been covered elsewhere or wants to go to the next lying Eckbistro, which usually offer only a court. There are many opportunities to actively explore the island, bicycles for $ 10 for the entire period of the rented residence, horses and canoes can also be used, maps and tips on climbing volcanoes are from everywhere, the Internet is also available for a fee.

ometepe sunset Ometepe Island Travel Guide

ometepe sunset

Ometepe is one of the safest destinations in Nicaragua in relation to crime. Nicaragua is generally considered a very safe country, with the exception of some barrios in Managua. Of the two volcanoes on Ometepe is the active Concepcion and has to make from time to time, which is noticeable in the form of eruptions of ash fall. According to locals in the 1950s was most recently seen on the crater lava. Maderas volcano is considered extinct, and in crater has formed a lagoon. For a guide on volcano trips should not be omitted, because the danger is getting lost realtiv large and therefore a certain degree of security is guaranteed. It is also appropriate equipment such as shoes, hat, jacket, etc. to respect. Earthquake on Ometepe are not very frequent, but possible. Even with stronger earthquakes in the region, the impact was to be felt in Ometepe in recent years is rather small and less than on the mainland.

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