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Oklahoma – United States of America

by WCC on March 12, 2012

in North America

Oklahoma is a U.S. state in the Midwestern United States of America. You can visit some places there, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, and Lawton. The climate is subtropical and humid in the southeast, west of continental dry, with average annual temperatures between 14 ° C in the west and 19 ° C in the Southeast.

oklahoma Oklahoma   United States of America


Summer can be sweltering extem, thereby develop dangerous thunderstorms, tornadoes can bring. Temperatures range from 34 degrees (in wet weather) to over 40 degrees (in dry weather), the nights (23-28 degrees) make no cooling. Thus, traveling in the summer in Oklahoma very exhausting and the weather predictions are here to follow with great attention.

Storm warnings are taken seriously and it is not recommended on your own and without experience specifically purely down in a storm to possibly observe a tornado can. With interest are at this spectacle of nature, the local “storm chaser” who are specially equipped to know and in emergency situations (which are usually very rare) thing to do, who to contact. Should there be a tornado warning, sounding the “tornado sirens”. If that’s the case, one should seek protection in a safe place and if possible take a radio or portable TV set, there will pass on information given by the storm. The National Weather Service provides an overview with a map of the severe weather threat. Tornado season in Oklahoma, from April to early June, however, are also possible over the remainder of tornadoes.

oklahoma city Oklahoma   United States of America

oklahoma city

oklahoma city memorial Oklahoma   United States of America

oklahoma city memorial

oklahoma turner falls Oklahoma   United States of America

oklahoma turner falls

There are direct flights to Dallas (Texas), from there you can enter the car with a car or other means of transportation to Oklahoma. If you’re upgrading in the U.S., but can also fly directly to Oklahoma (airports in Oklahoma City and Tulsa).

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