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Ocean Park Hong Kong

by WCC on March 15, 2012

in Asia

The Ocean Park Hong Kong is a theme park in Hong Kong Iceland in the People’s Republic of China . With 5.1 million visitors a year (2010), he is currently the seventh largest theme park in Asia and the siebzehntgrößte amusement park in the world . The theming of the park refers to the habitat of the sea .

hong kong ocean park 550x365 Ocean Park Hong Kong

hong kong ocean park

The establishment of the park was opened in 1977 by the Hong Kong Jockey Club organized, which was the necessary land free of charge by the Hong Kong Government provides. 1987 hearing on the park, to be a subsidiary of the club and received a separate corporation, the board was appointed by the government. Today the park is from the Ocean Park Corporation managed, an organization that is financially independent and nonprofit.

The park is divided into two parts: Lowland and Highland , the latter on a hill, a bit higher, takes place. The two parts are connected by a gondola. Was off the division into a higher and a deeper part of the park also organized thematically: A total of eight themes found in the park: Headland Rides , Adventure Land , Amazing Asian Animals , Marineland , Lowland Gardens , Whisker’s Harbour , The Rain Forest and Tai Shu Wan Entrance .

In addition to some animals are also a total of 19 attractions found on the grounds of the park, including two roller coasters: The Zamperla railway Wild West Mine Train (1999) and the double-looping roller coaster Dragon by Arrow Dynamics in 1984. For the new topic Rainforest this year, two other roller coasters in Planning: The powered coaster Arctic Blast from the German manufacturer Mack Rides and Hair Raiser from the Swiss manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard , which will have five inversions.

ocean park hong kong view 550x412 Ocean Park Hong Kong

ocean park hong kong view

ocean park hong kong logo 550x263 Ocean Park Hong Kong

ocean park hong kong logo

ocean park hong kong build 550x440 Ocean Park Hong Kong

ocean park hong kong build

ocean park hong kong 550x412 Ocean Park Hong Kong

ocean park hong kong

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