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Nottingham, England

by WCC on May 21, 2012

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Nottingham is a town in the East Midlands in England with around 306 700 inhabitants (2010). She is the administrative seat of the county Nottinghamshire heard since 1998, even not to the county, but is a unitary authority (district-free city). Nottingham is famous for the legend of Robin Hood.

nottingham Nottingham, England


Nottingham was a Saxon settlement and founded in the 9th Century by the Danes (Vikings) conquered. Under the Danelaw Nottingham was one of five boroughs (fortified town). From the beginning, there were parts of the settlement of caves that were carved into the soft sandstone. The place was named as Tigguo Cobauc (‘House of the caves’) and Snottingham (named after the Anglo-Saxon chieftain Snot). The present inhabitants of the city are certainly grateful that the S was lost with time, as snotty as much as to say in English, “snotty” or “common”.

On the orders of William the Conqueror was built in 1068 on a 40-meter high sandstone cliffs, a castle. The wooden structure was replaced after a few decades by a stone building. Around the castle grew up the city. The cave system has been constantly growing, there lived the poor, especially in the tanneries were employed. The caves were in the 18 Century and were abandoned during the Second World War as an air raid shelter. A portion of the cave system was made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable as a tourist attraction, it is used for various pubs as a cellar and is home to a shooting range.

nottingham university Nottingham, England

nottingham university

nottingham streets Nottingham, England

nottingham streets

nottingham festival Nottingham, England

nottingham festival

One of the pubs that are carved into the rock, the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Inn dates from the time of the Crusades, and claims to be the oldest in Britain to be. Two other pubs called Ye Olde Salutation Inn and Bell Inn, both claiming the other hand, the oldest pub in Nottingham to be. The legend of Robin Hood first appeared in medieval times. He allegedly lived in Sherwood Forest, north of the town, the Sheriff of Nottingham to have been his greatest opponent. The legends are for the most part fictitious (especially the details), but Robin Hood for many local companies as a promotional vehicle. Even the tourism benefits from it.

The English Civil War began in 1642 in Nottingham, when King Charles I hoisted his flag on the castle. 1651 the castle was destroyed by the victorious Parliamentarians. On Castle Hill was built instead, a country estate. This was burned down in 1831 for a workers’ uprising. In the 19th Century Nottingham was in the production of top leaders and became known worldwide. Today, however, this industry has no great significance.

nottingham england Nottingham, England

nottingham england

nottingham city Nottingham, England

nottingham city

nottingham castle Nottingham, England

nottingham castle

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