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Northern Lights

by WCC on January 27, 2012

in North America

Northern Lights (Aurora borealis, Northern lights) will light up the night sky in the north of the light curtain. A mysterious figure that continues to fascinate many people. In this article and can be seen to increase the probability of the aurora, I can summarize the observations useful to know when.

northern lights Northern Lights

northern lights

Speaking of long-term, intense period of sunspot activity comes every 11 years, the year strong aurora can be seen. The next best time is the winter of 2013-14. In terms of season, in September (May to 10) and March (March 1-4) is said to have seen the aurora season statistically strong. The reason is not clear. In terms of age, because the sky is dark most of the new moon period, are suitable for observation. During the day, the strongest time in the light side of the planet to the sun. But usually 24 hours late, in large states such as Alaska may have errors in the local standard time and solar time. Only the solar wind speed estimate is. Also, while the earth and the sun is because apart 1AU, for example, to reach the Earth solar wind at a speed of 400km / s is one day after about because, at watching the solar wind of the day predicted the emergence of Aurora can not. If you are referring to the solar wind speed is necessary for confirmation ago.

northern lights iceland Northern Lights

Protection against cold : 60 degrees north latitude Arctic winter weather is not uncommon for minus 30 degrees. Not at all not addressed in the spring if the Japanese ski wear, but considering the long waiting outside, winter is usually the head (face masks and hats and mufflers coverall ears) and footwear ( thick bottom and snow boots) are adequate measures should be.
Disposable Cairo : Digital cameras are often no longer operate in the cold, fast depletion of battery. Preheat good in the pocket.
Camera : A digital camera or film camera ISO800, which must have a minimum exposure of 15 seconds. A digital camera is not a disposable camera and exposure adjustments take only a dark picture. Battery consumption is faster because of the cold, there is a safe and extra batteries.

northen lights rainbow Northern Lights

northern lights rainbow

Tripod : Aurora is required to shoot at least 15 seconds exposure. In that you have a tripod to prevent camera shake, you can take sharp pictures.
Thermos : If you wait a long time outdoors, have a hot drink and survive.
Chair seat : If you wait in a hut in the car and observation is good, but easy if you spend a lot of time outdoors and have also provided a small stool.

blue northern lights Northern Lights

blue northern lights

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