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Niihau – Hawaii

by WCC on April 1, 2012

in North America

Niihau , the “Forbidden Island”, is a largely untouched by tourism small island of Hawai i archipelago. She has been in 1864, privately owned as it was bought for ten thousand dollars. The only 180 square kilometers covers Iceland. The island covers only 180 square kilometers. With the Halulu Lake [1] Niihau carries with it the largest lake in the entire archipelago.¬†Currently living on Niihau (2000) around 160 people – mostly Polynesians. Their main occupation is animal husbandry and the cultivation of cane, from which mats are woven. The Niihau Ranch is family owned by the Robinsons and Grays.

niihau Niihau   Hawaii


As Aylmer Robinson is very anxious to preserve the original Hawaiian way of life, to enter the island without his explicit permission is prohibited. There is no money in circulation. Liquor and cigarettes are also frowned upon. Who is in debt, paid for with shells.

Although the island is officially administered from Kauai, there are no official representatives of the administration or doctors, priests and police. Likewise, a power supply is available. Some islanders, however, use generators. There is also a Macintosh computer in the school building, which is powered by solar energy. There is now a helicopter on the island.

niihau island Niihau   Hawaii

niihau island

niihau beach Niihau   Hawaii

niihau beach

niihau forbidden island Niihau   Hawaii

niihau forbidden island

According to an unwritten law restricts who has ever left the island, never to return. Meanwhile, the strict isolationism was a bit, it will be out of Kauai, not only helicopter overflights, but also half-day trips to stay at a secluded beach offered. Making contact with the villagers seems to be not so easy. Puukole is a small (70 x 35 meter) cliffs 275 meters northwest of the Puukole Point, the northernmost point of the island. 1100 meters from the island of Lehua is Puukole Point. 34.4 km southwest of Keelinawi Point on the southwest coast lies the island of Kaula Niihau. The two rocky volcanic islands are bird sanctuaries and may not enter or be subject to conditions.

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