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by WCC on February 24, 2012

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Nicosia is a town in the center of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and the capital of the eponymous district. Nicosia is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus, the northern part of the capital also Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Nicosia has 276,410 (agglomeration 476,000) inhabitants, of whom 220,907 people in the (Greek Cypriot) south of the city and 55,503 people in the (Turkish Cypriot) northern part of life (2012).

nicosia beach Nicosia

nicosia beach

Nicosia is located approximately in the middle of the island and many roads leading from there to the star-shaped coastal cities. The A1 connects Nicosia with the Südküstenautobahn, the A9 leads west to the Troodos Mountains. The urban society OSEL operates urban bus services, there are still regional Nicosia bus. In the northern part of town is the Ercan Airport, this is accessed via a 4-lane highway, the southern part of the Larnaca airport used. The old airport of Nicosia since 1974 has been blocked because it is in the UN protected zone.

The city is part of international law in its entirety to the Republic of Cyprus, but since the invasion of the Turkish armed forces in July 1974 and the proclamation of the – of the international community – unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in November 1983 in fact does not exercise sovereignty over the northern part of Nicosia. Since then the town by a “Green Line” (“Green Line” / “πράσινη γραμμή” / “Yesil has”) divided by the peacekeeping forces of the United Nations, the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) is monitored.

nicosia girls Nicosia

nicosia girls

nicosia cyprus Nicosia

nicosia cyprus

nicosia city Nicosia

nicosia city

nicosia Nicosia


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