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by WCC on March 3, 2012

in North America

Nicaragua is in Central America . In the east lies the Caribbean Sea and the western Pacific. In the north, Nicaragua borders Honduras and on the south by Costa Rica. Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. There is also the largest freshwater lake, the Lago de Nicaragua or Cocibolca.

nicaragua Nicaragua


Regions- the Pacific Coast (Region de Pacífico) and the middle (Región Central) in the country in which resides a majority of the population and is divided into 15 administrative regions and in the Caribbean coast (Regiones Autónomas), which is much less developed and consists of two autonomous administrative regions: Atlántico Norte and Atlántico Sur.

The Augusto C. Sandino International Airport occasionally Managua International Airport is the only international airport called Nicaragua. He is, for example from the USA ( Miami , Houston ), but also from Latin American countries like Costa Rica , El Salvador , Panama and Guatemala served. The following international airlines operate in Managua: American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Copa Airlines, Grupo Taca, Iberia, Aerocaribbean and Atlantic Airlines (11/2005). Within Nicaragua, many domestic routes are also of Managua from, for example, to Bluefields , San Carlos , Corn Iceland , Puerto Cabezas , Minas and Waspan.

nicaragua beaches Nicaragua

nicaragua beaches

nicaragua granada Nicaragua

nicaragua granada

nicaragua san juan del sur beach Nicaragua

nicaragua san juan del sur beach

The official language is Spanish, and with no minimum basic knowledge, it is very difficult. The Nicaraguan Spanish is relatively difficult to understand because the people have a very slurred speech and as like the “s” at the end of a word omitted. In general, to have just about everything in Nicaragua of accommodation. From $ 3 can man find a room, whether you want this but really, everyone must know yourself. For a halfway decent room with bathroom and fan, you should allow at least put the $ 10. In tourist areas like San Juan del Sur, the center of Leon, on the Corn Islands, this is possibly not sufficient, since prices are in this category to $ 25, at least in the season, normally. Small houses, known as Cabanas for example, on the beach or on the Pacific coast from Cocibolca are from about $ 40, but also to have for $ 150 per night. These are then usually with private bath, air conditioning, refrigerator, and are usually equipped for four people is not too tight. These are approximate figures from December to late May. In low season you can sometimes beat out pretty good deal. Between Christmas and New Year and Holy Week, one should definitely book in advance and expect higher than regular prices.

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