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New Zealand

by WCC on February 24, 2012

in Australia

New Zealand is located in Oceania and Australia .New Zealand was settled by both the natives and by Europeans as one of the last major land masses. Together with the young geological origin and the geographical isolation has such a unique landscape, flora, fauna and culture. Since the mid-80s, Maori, the indigenous language, official language, why are public buildings often bilingual signs. In the media, the language and the culture of the approximately 100,000 Maori-speaking New Zealanders will be maintained with special programs.

new zealand forest 550x365 New Zealand

new zealand forest

Most tourists stay longer than two weeks traveling in New Zealand and virtually the entire country, which is a north-south length of about 1600km always good for climate change. The extreme north is dominated sub-tropical, there are also times at the beach and palm trees in the summer months (December-March) is hot enough to go swimming. The further south you get, the cooler the climate. The South Island is more influenced by the temperate climate, which here occupies the West Coast a special role. The high mountain ranges, which provide direct approach to extend to the sea that is always here to rain down the clouds. The Fiordland in the southwest of the South Island is ten times more rain than average for Europe and its Cold rain forest famous. As a New Zealand travel leads always to the Franz Josef Glacier and Mt Cook in the Southern Alps, you can also count on in spring or autumn snow. The Highlands and the higher elevations of the mountains are mostly in the South Island in winter is very cold. Travellers should therefore prepare themselves to virtually any weather. Withstand light summer clothes, a couple of warm sweaters and jackets, rain and wind here are just the basic equipment.

Strict import regulations exist for food and organic substances. There are a number of provisions in doubt, turn it, therefore, to the New Zealand Embassy. For fruits, vegetables, honey and meat, there are special containers in the arrivals hall to the goods without any penalty to dispose of. The attempt to smuggle something is still punished with an official criminal record and $ 200NZ. The tariff is set by the dogs are easily capable of unpackaged food by many layers of fabric and in Tupperware containers to sniff out.

Auckland is serviced by several international airlines and is usually the cheapest arrival and departure. There are also in Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown international airports that are served but only from Australia. Christchurch also offers links to some other countries in Asia.

German travel agents generally offer two routes. The so-called eastern route will usually via Singapore or Bangkok and takes about 23h flight time. These are approximately 3-4 hours for the change. The western route (Route Pearl) is significantly longer than the U.S., one should expect about 28-30 hours. However, since this one is flying westward, the time change is to cope with something better. Some travelers use but also cities such as Singapore or Los Angeles for a one-or two-day stopover. In a timely book does a round-trip flight between 1000 € and 1200 €.

When departing the airport must be in Wellington and Dunedin, a “departure tax” paid by NZ $ 20 in Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton and Palmerston North from NZ $ 25. Again, all major credit cards are accepted. A switch on the left bank of New Zealand kiwi dollar traded at heart into euros.

Besides English, meanwhile, is also ‘Te Reo’, the indigenous Maori language, official language. Both radio and television programs are broadcast in English (there is a Maori Fersehsender) and government buildings are labeled in both languages. Even in Parliament, and the court will frequently ‘Te Reo’ spoken. Maori pronounce words correctly is not as difficult as you might think. Linguists have inspired the writing of Italian pronunciation, Italian phonetically because the Maori language is most similar. When speaking of the words as if they were German, one is already very close to it. The only exception is “wh” (as in Whangarei) is called, the f as a (so Fangarei).

The typical English in the major cities is almost accent-free German ears, and in contrast to many American and British dialects very well understood. In rural areas, however, a strong accent, which is reflected by abbreviations and slang language is widespread. New Zealanders generally have no problem with it, to repeat a little slower when it asks you, because you have not understood something. However, after a few sentences, she spoke again in his usual rapid and Slangdurchsetztem Kiwienglisch, especially when speaking of the opposite reasonably good English.

The New Zealand cuisine is influenced mainly by the British heritage and American influences. Fish and chips you can get almost anywhere, but it will be served (at least in restaurants) and very good steaks. As the country lives in no small part of the sheep, are a large number of obligatory lamb dishes. Vegetables and fruits are rich in diversity there at reasonable prices. Pesticide-free food grown (organic food) are of great value. The Far Eastern cuisine has left its mark. In Auckland, the influence of the Pacific countries should not be overlooked. Fish dishes are available in almost all the restaurants near the coast is a must. Also do not forget to taste the nationally known and typical dessert “Pavlova”, a sumptuous sundae.

Should the ‘Otara’ Market in Auckland will not miss a curious cook. Who can miss German food at Pak N Save goodies from the ‘Swiss Butcher buy. You can also search locally or over the Internet for German butchers.

new zealand wallpaper 550x412 New Zealand

new zealand wallpaper

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new zealand nature

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new zealand mountain

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new zealand map

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new zealand lake wannaka

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new zealand flag

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new zealand diamond lake paradise

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new zealand beach

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