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Guide to Vacation in New York City

by WCC on January 18, 2012

in North America

New York City is a great city that we in the district articles have split. There are possibly more accurate information and comprehensive lists! In Greater New York City has three major international airports, two of which are directly on New York City area. The John F. Kennedy International Airport (IATA: JFK ) is the largest international airport in the city and is located in the southeast of the urban area in Queens. The following airlines New York-John F. Kennedy to fly directly from the German-speaking countries.

new york city Guide to Vacation in New York City

new york city

The bus from the airport to Manhattan takes about 45 minutes. Also a link to the airport to the subway there, which is also a fast and convenient transportation option to Manhattan. The subway station is out of the terminals on the Air Train easy and convenient for only 5 USD (2009) can be achieved.

The Newark Liberty International Airport (IATA: EEA ) is another international airport and is located west of Manhattan in New Jersey . The following airlines fly from Newark to the German speaking directly to:
Continental Airlines from Berlin-Tegel, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and Zurich
Lufthansa from Frankfurt am Main, Düsseldorf and Munich
Swiss (conducted by Privatair ) from Zurich
The journey from here to Manhattan, preferably Port Authority Bus Terminal, take about half an hour and cost $ 15 in 2002. Alternatively, the train will be taken. From Newark International Airport leads both the Northeast Corridor Line and the North Jersey Corridor Line to Penn Station in New York City. Further information is available on the pages of the New Jersey Transit.

new york city skyline Guide to Vacation in New York City

new york city skyline

One binds to New York City in a U.S. vacation, you should be the bus company Greyhound trust that connects the main cities. The “American passport” is a ticket package, which allows you to use at 4, 7, 10, 15, 21, 30, 45 or 60 consecutive days, the entire route network. The passports cost for foreign visitors for much less than Americans, but they must buy before the departure in Europe. Seat reservations are not possible, but in strong demand, an additional bus used. Megabus is also a good alternative to Greyhound, but the only route network linking major cities. In addition, these buses via WiFi.

new york city at night Guide to Vacation in New York City

new york city at night

It is not advisable to travel by car to New York. Parking is extremely scarce, hotels for parking spaces sometimes take up to $ 40 per day to once towed costs a minimum fine of $ 150 plus. There is also a high risk of theft. In addition, roads are clogged all day on the chronic and motorists, particularly taxi drivers, have a wild driving style accordingly.

Also, you can arrive by boat. In spring 2004, the Queen Mary 2 of Cunard fleet scheduled service from Southampton to New York over a few times every summer, she also starts from Hamburg to New York.
Staten Iceland Ferry Subway: South Ferry
Free tour with a good view of the skyline of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. The ferry runs every 20 minutes. It is recommended that when getting to be pretty far forward to go right back to you. For safety reasons you can not just sit.

new york city map Guide to Vacation in New York City

new york city map

Better not go with the car in the city. In particular, a “gridlock” – where the intersections are blocked again, and nothing moves back yet – can be distressing. In 2007, a congestion charge on the model of London to be introduced.
The taxi is a means of transportation within Manhattan as a real, if not the alternative. Will you not just the entire Park Avenue once traversed from top to bottom, one is, especially with a group of several people with low cab and also fast. Directions $ 2.50, each additional 1 / 5 mile c 0.40, excluding surcharges and night like that.
U-Bahn (subway)
At best you see New York well, once you think about walking on the path through the urban canyons. But if it rains again or do your feet hurt, it offers a ride on the New York subway on. A single ticket costs $ 2.25 and is not bound route. There are also day tickets as well as rechargeable MetroCard, upon purchase you will receive a discount. Not to mention the Unlimited Ride MetroCard, which is valid for one week. Caution is in the choice of trains / lines offered: Expressway not stop at all stations. Then there are the locals who stop at every station.

new york city skyline Guide to Vacation in New York City

new york city skyline

New York has a good bus network. The trips can be paid in cash or with a Metrocard. Under certain conditions you can take “transfer” and thus entitled to free upgrade from the subway to bus. “Transfer” must be communicated to the driver when boarding.
Roosevelt Tram Iceland
Located in the East River is a small island: Roosevelt Iceland. There a few homes and hospital are located. For tourists the island is really only interesting because of the view of Manhattan. The trip by cable car across the East River can be paid with the Metrocard.

brooklyn bridge Guide to Vacation in New York City

brooklyn bridge

(More attractions in the neighborhood articles )
For each visitor to the Empire State Building , which after the attacks of 2001 is again the tallest building in the city and one already greeted from afar. In the entrance hall there is a blackboard on which the waiting time for the visual display from the visitors’ platform. A trip to the 86th Stock costs $ 20 and is both the money and the waiting time of 90 minutes and sometimes more valuable. Should be taken here to make a thorough security checks.
A must for any New York is a tourist trip to the MOMA (Museum Of Modern Art) . The comprehensive exhibition of contemporary art and the ever-changing exhibitions are truly worth the price of admission. Tip: Fridays (2008) from 16 clock is free admission at the MOMA. Although it is very crowded but okay. No large bags with bringing pure, otherwise they must be submitted (photo bags / video equipment are in order).
To recommend the purchase of the New York City Pass . This entry for the following six attractions at a discount of around 50% includes
American Museum of Natural History
Guggenheim Museum
The Museum of Modern Art
Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum
Circle Line Harbor Cruise
Empire State Building Observatory & NY SkyRide
Times Square

Century 21 (22 Cortland Street, Subway R od W to Rector Street)
Opening times: Mon-Fri 7:45-20, Sat 10-20, Sun 11-19 h lovers and bargain hunters rummage for the Century 21 is always an experience. It lies within sight of Ground Zero and sold, everything has a name (te) and the ridiculously low prices. Designer brands at bargain counter prices up. If you bring a lot of time, you will also find something at some point in the correct size. Sometimes it is the three-pack of Calvin Klein underwear for $ 10 and sometimes the “Sevenforallmankind” jeans for $ 40. It can get quite warm and full – not to attract the best thick.
Canal Street
All you really should not buy on plagiarism, CDs, DVDs, false designer bags to the popular “I (heart) NY” shirts in 5-pack for $ 10. Overall, a bustling area with appropriate and adventurous clientele. From Canal Street from it’s worth it to walk uptown along Broadway. Slowly but surely loses Ramschige and from thrift stores (cool T-shirts) are boutiques. The farther one goes, the more commercial and the labels are known.
Abercrombie & Fitch
On 5th Avenue near Central Park, near Tiffany’s and Trump Tower, the new flagship store has opened. Club atmosphere and see and be seen is the motto here. The sellers run all year round in shorts and flip-flops around and looks to be cast more than talent to verkäuferischem. The “face of the season” is usually half-naked and life in the entrance area and is thus immortalized in many photographs. The company, formerly produzierete hunting clothing, has since blossomed into a cult of young designers who wish to remain young and generation. On the origins of the moose just remembered on T-shirts. The store is an experience.

Hotels in Manhattan are generally due to the very high real estate prices are very expensive. Especially in the cheaper hotels must also reckon with strange animals – not just cockroaches, but also bugs. Normal hotels cost at least € 55 per single room, rather twice, if you have a minimum standard comparable with Germany, such as friendly staff and really ready beds expected. A little cheaper hostels are like the YMCA and shared rooms. Shower in the corridor is normal in comparable affordable housing.

New York is one of the safest big cities in the United States. The crime rate dropped dramatically with the zero-tolerance strategy of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. By day, a city tour on Iceland Manhattan, no problem. Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Iceland can always be visited on foot. Even Harlem is the day a safe pavement. Certain parts of the Bronx are more crowded, not individually, but only in a large tour group.
Night interruption except in Downtown Park – 8th Ave. and up to 59 Street (Central Park start) nothing can be done on foot. Despite the high volume police, it is advisable to leave Central Park at dusk. Brooklyn and Queens can be dangerous in some areas.
Please pick one necessarily at the local Tourist Information on Times Square for more information before you go exploring.
Look at each of the boroughs of New York City on areas that seem unsafe to you. Particularly should the “Public Housing Projects” avoided (usually a lot of acting uniformly. Made of brown stone towers, which stand in a sort of park). It can be found in every district and they are also among the local population, as dilapidated and dangerous
Areas with high crime
Brooklyn: East New York – Bed-Stuy – Flatbush – Brownsville – Bushwick – Residential area on Coney Iceland – Bensonhurst – Canarsie
Bronx: Hunts Point – area around Chester Park – Melrose – West Farms – Longwood
Manhattan: Harlem – East Harlem – Hamilton Heights to the north after Innwood – Lower East Side
Queens: Hunters Point – Lindenwood – Glendale – Woodhaven – Ozone Park – Ridgewood – Queensbridge

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