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New Mexico

by WCC on March 14, 2012

in North America

New Mexico is a state in southwestern United States. The name comes from the Spanish conquistadors, the land to the west and north of the Rio Grande designated. New Mexico (NM abbreviated) and Land of Enchantment (Land of Enchantment/Tierra de Encanto) is called.

new mexico New Mexico

new mexico

New Mexico is characterized by the location on a plateau . This is however not uniform, but the transition region of four geological province of North America. From the east, the terrain of the prairies of the High Plains of flat. The southwest of the state is part of the Chihuahuan Desert , to the Basin and Range province belongs. From the northwest rises the Colorado Plateau to extend to New Mexico and north to the Sangre de Cristo Range , the southernmost parts of the Rocky Mountains to Santa Fe . The major parts of the country on the leeward side ( Lee ) of the Rocky Mountains are arid . The dryness dominates the landscape in the plane as in the mountains. Exceptions are the mountains north of Santa Fe and the area in the west across the Continental Divide , where there are extensive forests. In the mountains north of Santa Fe, the amount of rainfall in winter is so great that there is a winter sports region emerged. In addition, there are areas that are virtually untouched by humans, such as the Gila Wilderness in the southwest. Wheeler Peak is the highest mountain of the north of Santa Fe at 4011 m. The wealth of landscapes, the clear air with the most blue sky and the varied colored rocks characteristic of New Mexico.

The most important river is the Rio Grande. It rises in Colorado and flows through New Mexico from north to south, past Albuquerque and Las Cruces – mostly accompanied by the Interstate Highway 25th From Texas to the Rio Grande forms the border to Mexico and flows for 2896 km in the Gulf of Mexico . The agriculture is the Rio Grande is a real lifeline, but he also has significance for the energy industry. In addition, the Rio Pecos and Canadian River flows are important. The Rio Pecos also flows from north to south and irrigates the south-east of Roswell on Artesia and Carlsbad to the Texas border. The Canadian River flows through northeastern New Mexico and then on the “Panhandle” of Texas to the east of his Oklahoma into the Arkansas flows. The Canadian River, however, gained predominantly only in Texas and Oklahoma importance. Due to the mainly dry climate, there are only insignificant natural lakes ; of the artificial reservoirs, the Elephant Butte’s most important.

new mexico landscape New Mexico

new mexico landscape

new mexico white sands New Mexico

new mexico white sands

new mexico albuquerque New Mexico

new mexico albuquerque

With an area of 314,915 km ² New Mexico is in 5th Place among the 50 U.S. states. Only Alaska , Texas , California and Montana are larger. This New Mexico is about the size of Poland . New Mexico extends from 31 than 37 north latitude (north-south maximum distance ~ 630 km) and the 103rd until the 109th west longitude (middle east-west distance ~ 553 km). New Mexico is bordered on the north by Colorado , in the far northeast Oklahoma , otherwise to the east and south to Texas and west to Arizona . In Utah, New Mexico is bordered only at a single point in the north-west, the so-called Four Corners . The state border to Mexico is part of the southern border of New Mexico.

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