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New Hampshire, United States

by WCC on March 8, 2012

in North America

New Hampshire is a state in New England in the northeastern United States . Known for his laconic and independent people, and cold winters, New Hampshire has much natural beauty. Regions: Dartmouth Lake Sunapee, Far North Region, Lakes Region, Monadnock Region, Merrimack Valley, Coast, White Mountains. oncord is the state capital.

new hampshire mascoma lake New Hampshire, United States

new hampshire mascoma lake

State residents are proud of the nature around, so careless actions that damage the local environment are not appreciated. If hiking in the White Mountains, says its plans are responsible, and volunteer rescue teams do not appreciate being called at midnight to search for lost tourists. However, as tourism is the main industry in New Hampshire, yes that many tourists are appreciated.

new hampshire landscape New Hampshire, United States

new hampshire landscape

new hampshire portsmouth New Hampshire, United States

new hampshire portsmouth

new hampshire nature New Hampshire, United States

new hampshire nature

Not a big surprise, but the main language is English. Because of the immigration of French Canadians, some French speakers can be found in the northern state, especially in the Berlin area. New Hampshire is a part of the country extremely safe. Crime is not typically a problem, but claims to be careful when driving – especially if you are unfamiliar with driving in the winter. Moose often wander into the roads in the region of the White Mountains and north, and are a serious hazard. When hiking, encounters with bears are possible and the weather can change rapidly at higher altitudes, especially in the Sierra Presidential.

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