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New England, United States of America

by WCC on March 7, 2012

in North America

New England states are in the extreme north-eastern United States . You belong to Connecticut, Rhode Iceland, Massachusetts , New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. At the New England states include the following: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Iceland.

new england New England, United States of America

new england

The largest city in New England is Boston with 589 141 inhabitants. Boston is a modern American city with all its advantages and disadvantages. As a tourist attraction are the many seaside resorts and port towns along the Atlantic coast: Newport , Rhode Iceland, was one of the first seaside resorts on the East Coast. Here were many industrialists of the 19th Century mansion built holiday seats that shape the face of the place. The many historic Inn and the marina are great character essential for Newport. New Bedford , Massachusetts, is inextricably linked to the whaling of the 19th Century combined. This starting point for Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick” at the time was one of the richest places in the United States. Even today, a museum and many other little evidence of this story is reminiscent of “the world capital of whaling.” Cape Cod , Massachusetts, is a peninsula in the far east of the New England states. On this peninsula are many beach resorts, including Hyannis , which are mostly frequented by Americans in the summer for weekend trips. Hyannis is just the history of the Kennedy family, the Boston political dynasty, connected.

An unusual attraction that New England has in store for its tourists, the Indian Summer . Especially in this region takes the leaves in the fall of the Bäme for a short time such intense color to draw the crowds of people for “leaf peeping” into the woods. The powerful and simultaneous staining is probably related to the very rapid temperature swings in mid-October. In general, the New England states are considered the most European part of the United States.

new england fall New England, United States of America

In New England, there are several important airports : Logan International in Boston , TF Green Airport Warwick (Rhode Iceland), Bradley International Windsor Locks at Hartford (Connecticut) and Springfield (Massachusetts) , Burlington International Burlington (Vermont) and Manchester (New Hampshire) Airport . Logan International Airport is by far the largest, however, grow at TF Green and Manchester and are increasingly taking over tasks from Logan in Boston. The flights to Manchester and TF Green are also cheaper.
New England is on various Interstate highways to reach. Interstate 95 leads from the region around New York City to New England and combines five of the six states with each other. Interstates 90 and 84 to reach both from the West ( Albany ) New England. Interstate 91 connects the other hand, New Haven with Hartford, Springfield and eastern Vermont. Interstate 89 connects Burlington (Vermont) with Concord (New Hampshire) and Interstate 93 leads through New Hampshire, where he Saint Johnsbury , Vermont connects with Boston.

new england objects New England, United States of America

new england objects

Also, Amtrak offers several links to New England, the Northeast Corridor is the most important section. The “Vermonter” runs from New York City to western Massachusetts and Vermont.
What to get there by bus is concerned, provides Chinatown bus for $ 30 on trips from New York City to Boston. Greyhound is a bit expensive, but also offers links to other regions. Trips from Montreal are provided by Vermont Transit.

new england winter New England, United States of America

new england winter

By American standards, the coverage is train quite well. Connecticut, Rhode Iceland, and the Boston area are developed on the heavily traveled Northeast Corridor. The “Vermonter” opens up in western Massachusetts and Vermont and the “Downeaster” New Hampshire and Portland, of Boston. The company opens the MBTA Boston area with rail transport, including the cities of Providence , Lowell and Worcester .
Bus : Greyhound operates several routes in and operate Südneuengland has connections to the buses of the Vermont Transit, the Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. New Hampshire and Maine are also accessible from Concord Trailways.
Large parts of New England are still poorly by bus or train, so that only the car ‘s left. This is largely up to Vermont, New Hampshire, western Massachusetts and Maine.

New England is one of the safe regions in the U.S., but some urban areas especially dangerous. The cities of New Haven , Hartford , Bridgeport and Springfield have neighborhoods that across the U.S. have among the highest crime rates. However, there is the development on the right track. Given that these cities are relatively small and densely populated, it is important to learn about the danger zones, before visiting it. Generally speaking, it is in New Haven at the Fairhaven District in Bridgeport to the southern and eastern neighborhoods in the city of Hartford to the north and in Springfield for much of the city outside. As everywhere in the U.S. in an emergency 911 can be chosen, even at public telephones.

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