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Travel Guide to Vacation in Nevada, USA

by WCC on March 14, 2012

in North America

Nevada is a U.S. state in the western United States. It is bordered on the north Oregon and Idaho , on the east by Utah and Arizona , and west to California and has an area of 286,367 km ². Counties; Clark County (with the player metropolitan Las Vegas and Lake Mead), Washoe County (here you will find the city Reno and Pyramid Lake), White Pine County and Lincoln County , with a total of just 13,500 inhabitants and an area of 50,591 km ², they are probably the most sparsely populated area of the state.

nevada mountains Travel Guide to Vacation in Nevada, USA

nevada mountains

You can find some places there such as Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, and Carson City. With English you should easily get along really in Nevada, as almost 80% of the population speak only that language. Speaking Spanish in comparison to neighboring states, Nevada still relatively few people, however, the Hispanic population is increasing rapidly. In cities such as Las Vegas can be found next to the main English language in front of many other languages, including in particular other European and Asian languages.

It is really good from Frankfurt Airport to Airport Las Vegas McCarran International, there are daily connections with Continental Airlines and U.S. Airways. Also, Reno ( Reno Cannon International Airport) can be reached by plane well, there are also daily connections to a switch provided on American soil.

nevada lake Travel Guide to Vacation in Nevada, USA

nevada lake

If you using airplane to get in Nevada, it is the 560 kilometers (350 Miles) from Las Vegas to Reno conveniently and quickly bring the plane behind him, there are several daily flights towards Reno Cannon International Airport and back. But you have almost every link as a stop in Salt Lake City schedule. In the States you get umliegenen without problems, there are daily direct flights to most major cities in the United States.

nevada mountains lake sierra Travel Guide to Vacation in Nevada, USA

nevada mountains lake sierra

But if you want to use car you can find car rentals are available pretty much. However, it is advisable prior to the departure of Europe, for example, to reserve a car online travel suppliers, as there is insurance there. This is not the case if you rent a car locally and must be completed in addition to a lot of money.

During a car ride through the deserts of Nevada, you should always look out for the fact that plenty of gas in the tank, because until the next gas station (gas station), there are usually several miles. You should always pack enough food for long car journey, as you wait in the event of an accident, even a few hours or go to the next village need. Or you can just hire a replacement canister with gasoline.

nevada las vegas Travel Guide to Vacation in Nevada, USA

nevada las vegas

One should not enter the desert alone and without professionally trained rangers, since one can easily get lost. Even with a clear view of the base is rapidly disappearing on the horizon. Especially not one should go for sand storms or extreme heat (which is almost the whole year there in the desert) in the vicinity of the desert. Danger also exists in animals, above all, rattlesnakes, and some poisonous spiders are found in the dry desert. In the case of a sting or bite should run away and you do not panic, but the animal is memorize and accurately to the nearest doctor or move a snake farm (Sneak Farm). Above all, farmers usually hitting the antidotes of animals are in the area. short stay in the desert, without a ranger and / or at least one partner is living dangerously.

About the climate, in the summer it gets extremely hot and dry! The temperatures in the valleys to the south at 38-44 degrees at night at 22-28 degrees. Fluid is essential. Never walk alone in deserts, in the summer is very dangerous! There are usually no precipitation, and if so, he falls into an intense desert storm! Hazards: drought, temperatures up to or above 45 degrees, cold winter nights!

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