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by WCC on February 20, 2012

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Nepal is located in Asia . The country is bordered to the south of India and north of China . In Nepal, there are eight of the ten world’s highest mountains, including Mount Everest . From Germany, currently available with various airlines, currently (January 08), the capacity is being expanded. Furthermore, it is conceivable for example to India to fly and travel from there by bus or flight to Kathmandu.



Is always a problem again. In Kathmandu valley, the traffic in the last 10 years has increased enormously, so that one is often stuck in traffic. It does not really matter whether it is by tuk-tuk, bus or taxi on the road, depending on your budget and desired proximity to other people. From time to highways by protests by the Maoists (so-called “bandhs”) is blocked for some time. Then you will continue only by domestic flight, which very quickly, but also much more expensive than the bus. The best way to clarify the current political situation on the ground. Railways are not practical. Traveling within Nepal is almost always done by bus. Since only a very narrow roads connect across high mountains, the towns and villages, must be counted again and again with huge delays. Often, bridges and roads are partially damaged by stones and only one lane passable.

Is “The Kitchen” in Nepal is not it. The food is Tibetan in the mountain regions in Kathmandu + Pokara internationally and in the south Indian dominated. On the famous trekking trails can be found in the lodges always something delicious to eat, and to recommend with regard to environmental protection and Hygenie regional and vegetarian cuisine (Dahl Bhat) is. National dish is Daal Baat (= daal lentils, rice Baat =). In Nepal, there are usually two meals, morning and evening Daal Daal Baat Baat. From tourism is now available almost every dish, …. pizza, burgers The Nepalese / Nepali which remains, despite all but the Daal Baat.

Main drink is milk tea / black tea or water. To avoid misunderstandings: Daal Baat is Dahl bhat (the German spelling of the debate). To a good Daal Baat is more than just lentils and rice, namely vegetable curry, potato curry, meat in various forms, Pickles (Chuntneys) Joguhrt. Each is individually seasoned, and the Nepalese spices are delicious. The rice is no spice, savory and not so good for him to eat all the other things. There are a lot of rice to eat, much more than we’re used as a garnish.

Even the milk tea is flavored, ie milk and black tea, fresh ginger slices and cardamom may be added together and finally boiled sugar.

nepal mountain Nepal

nepal mountain

nepal map Nepal

nepal map

nepal landscape Nepal

nepal landscape

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nepal flag

mount everest landscape Nepal

mount everest landscape

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