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Nebraska, United States of America

by WCC on March 12, 2012

in North America

Nebraska is a U.S. state in the Midwestern United States of America. There are some places you can visit; Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, and Grand Iceland. And also you can find some attractions there:

  • Agate Fossil Beds National Monument – a fossil deposit
  • Homestead National Monument of America – in memory of the settlers after the homestead law
  • Scotts Bluff National Monument – a significant milestone on the major routes settlers
  • Carhenge – American Stonehenge interpreted near Alliance
nebraska landscape Nebraska, United States of America

nebraska landscape

The population in the midwestern United States lives mainly on agriculture. Nebraska is among the American states that have the largest share of beef production. Everywhere there are huge cattle ranches with thousands of animals. In addition to cattle is the cultivation of maize and beans on the courts 2 and 3 in the agricultural sector. According to the American cuisine of this state is focused, taking in a lot of beef, and here and there, corn and beans into place.

Typical dishes are chili con carne (also known as “Chili Dog”, a hot dog with chili con carne, instead of or in addition to ketchup, pickles, etc.), steak with corn and “Cheesy Beans” as a side dish, grilled corn on the cob, hamburger or plain baked potatoes with sour cream.¬†Particularly in the kitchen, you should probably “Corndogs” mean that one can imagine something like a fried corn bread in a hot dog on a stick envelope.

nebraska omaha Nebraska, United States of America
nebraska omaha
nebraska photos Nebraska, United States of America
nebraska photos
nebraska farm Nebraska, United States of America
nebraska farm

A unique product forn kitchen, which is difficult also available in other states, is the “Dorothy Lynch dressing.” Dorothy Lynch and her husband lived a restaurant in the late 1940s in St. Paul, Nebraska, for which they developed this salad dressing and its production later commercialized. Those who attended Nebraska should absolutely try this dressing: with its composition (the only natural products), tomato soup, vinegar, oil, sugar, mustard seeds and dried tomatoes, it resembles any other traditional salad dressing. It is in almost all businesses in Nebraska and also available on the Internet to find some recipes to cook for yourself.

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