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Nazca lines – Peru

by WCC on June 12, 2012

in South America

Nazca is a town in the region of Ica in Peru. Approximately 500 km south of Lima in the desert coastal strip is the city of Nazca. There are many bus companies to Nazca. One is not recommended: Ormeño. It is unsafe and unreliable. It may be that you arrive instead of 19 Clock Clock only 24 and is then faced with a closed terminal on the open road. Here was the center of a pre-Inca culture that reached even before the Incas peaked. World-famous products of the Nazca culture are incorporated into the desert floor gigantic Nazca lines. Only from the air are the geometric shapes (triangles, trapezoids, spirals) and figures (monkey, spider, birds, fish, humans) to recognize their full extent. The largest figure reached a length of 285 m. The ancient Nazca have left yet another testimony to the high cultural level, such as the underground water channels of Cantalloc, the ruins of Cahuachi.

nazca lines Nazca lines   Peru

nazca lines

Nazca Lines Mystery

The Nazca lines, often Nasca lines are written, giant geoglyphs (geoglyphs) in the desert near Nazca and Palpa in Peru. Named are the lines, the desert and the culture of lying close to the city of Nazca plain. The Nazca-level points to an area of 500 square kilometers straight up to 20 km of lines, triangles and trapezium-shaped faces and figures with a size of tens to several hundreds of meters, such as images of humans, monkeys, birds and whales. Often, the pattern-forming lines a few centimeters deep. Due to the enormous size they can barely be seen from a great distance, for example from aircraft.

Discovered the Nazca lines were until 1924, when the first commercial airlines flew over the Nazca desert and passengers accounted for the lines. The images are created by removing the upper rock layer of desert varnish is coated. This desert varnish consists of a mixture of rust-red iron – and manganese oxides . This is the lighter sediment mixture to the surface and is clearly visible, beige yellow lines. The mysterious artist lived in the valleys of the Rio Nazca , Rio Palpa and Rio Ingenio . The pyramid city Cahuachi was said to be spiritual and religious center.

nazca lines map guide Nazca lines   Peru

nazca lines map guide

Under traditional scientists have not recognized, but still the most popular and most famous theory about the Nazca lines, the so-called ” cargo cult “by the Swiss writer Erich von Däniken was widespread. These para-scientific theory assumes that the Nazca lines are not of human hand, but because of its complexity by extraterrestrial life may have been created. It is argued that at the time the people do not even have been able to build such a huge geoglyphs, especially as they view it from the ground could not even look. Infer from the representatives of this theory that it is only through the support of aliens may have been possible to make the geoglyphs, as well as to look from the air.

nazca lines astronaut man Nazca lines   Peru

nazca lines astronaut man

nazca lines flight airport peru Nazca lines   Peru

nazca lines flight airport peru

nazca lines spider Nazca lines   Peru

nazca lines spider

nazca lines condor Nazca lines   Peru

nazca lines condor

nazca lines hummingbird Nazca lines   Peru

nazca lines hummingbird

nazca lines monkey Nazca lines   Peru

nazca lines monkey

Representatives of this theory, the speculation is expressed that the many line-like and “runs”-like representations of a kind of runway or runways for spaceships could have been. In addition, the image of a person with big eyes – which is called in the rest of the locals as “Astronaut” – in fact, represent an alien in a space suit. Since at the time of the Nazca culture, an ideal of beauty was, elongated skull shapes to own and it is usual in consequence of which was the children’s heads to artificially extend through boards, these parameters researchers also suggest that this could be the imitation of alien creatures that you might as “gods” worshiped.

Of course, the theory in the majority of scientists is a science fiction rejected. Nevertheless, the theory of the cargo cult held today and is one of the most famous speculation about the Nazca lines, since the origin and meaning of the lines could not be clarified until today and it is still inexplicable to science, such as Drawings for the people of that time were at all possible, and what significance they might have.

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