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Narita International Airport, Japan

by WCC on May 10, 2012

in Asia

Narita International Airport is one of the international airports in Tokyo and is located in the city of Narita in the prefecture of Chiba , about 60 kilometers northeast of Tokyo. The Narita International Airport is in accordance with Japanese law as the first airport Class .

Narita International Airport Japan 550x365 Narita International Airport, Japan

Narita International Airport Japan

A more common in Japanese term is “Narita Divorce”, which alludes to the distinctions among Japanese newlyweds often directly to the spent abroad follow honeymoon, in which the pairs are often the first time away from everyday life and “sit together” the local social control, a longer time and thereby find that they do not fit together yet.

Narita Rikon is also the title of a multi-part television comedy that aired in Japan in the late fall of 1997, and has this social phenomenon on the subject.

Narita International Airport 550x412 Narita International Airport, Japan

Narita International Airport

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