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Naples, Italy

by WCC on June 5, 2012

in Europe

Naples is an Italian city with 959 574 inhabitants (in 2010). Along with numerous suburbs and suburbs is a Naples metropolitan area, one depending on the estimate of 3 to 4.4 million residents. Naples, according to residents, the third largest city of Italy and capital of the region of Campania and the province of Naples.

naples Naples, Italy


Naples is located on the Gulf of Naples. Also on the East and Gulf of Naples is the Vesuvius, a volcano of 1,281 m, the last time in 1944 has broken out. On the other side of Naples, in the West, there is a vast volcanic area, the Phlegrean Fields (Campi Flegrei), with about 40 small to large volcanic craters, whose most famous, the Solfatara is.

Naples has a long and moving look back stamped in large parts of foreign domination story. The buildings and museums, but also in the cultural characteristics of the city to this day traces of almost all of these long periods of development can be found. In the field of tourism is to determine a growth Naples. In 1992, approximately 550,000 people in Naples hotels and hostels, in 2009 there were already about 800,000 people (the peak was in 2007 when around 900,000 people).

naples streets Naples, Italy

naples streets

naples italy Naples, Italy

naples italy

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naples europe

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naples city

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naples castle

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naples beach

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