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Namdaemun, South Korea

by WCC on May 6, 2012

in Asia

The Namdaemun is one of the two remaining historical city gate of the South Korean capital Seoul .The Namdaemun was the largest wooden building in Seoul and was originally developed in 1395 by King Taejo built. In 1447, it was during the reign of King Sejong altered fundamentally. The city wall was built at that time was originally built to protect the city from tigers. The gates were opened and closed daily. To signal this, a loud bell was rung. The wall which was demolished in 1907 , is now only partly on hills in the north and south of the city. During the Korean War it was severely damaged, but repaired in 1962. On 20 December 1962 it became a national treasure No.

Namdaemun 550x412 Namdaemun, South Korea


On the night of 10 to 11 February 2008 it was destroyed by fire caused by arson almost completely. On the 11th February, the police arrested a South Korean, who confessed to having set fire to the roof of the gate. The Supreme Cultural Affairs of South Korea estimates the cost of reconstruction and the restoration of the gate at around 21 million U.S. dollars. The project would take three years to complete. The reconstruction is facilitated by the detailed documentation that was created during the last renovation of 1961-63.

Namdaemun Seoul 550x412 Namdaemun, South Korea

Namdaemun Seoul

Namdaemun Gate 550x541 Namdaemun, South Korea

Namdaemun Gate

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