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Nairobi, Kenya

by WCC on June 7, 2012

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Nairobi is the capital of Kenya with a population of 2,750,561 (as of 1 January 2005), which covers an area of approximately 693 square kilometers. Nairobi is the capital of one of the eight provinces of the country. The city’s name comes from the Maa -term Engare Nyarobie what about means “cool river”.

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Nairobi is located in southern Kenya on the river Nairobi , a tributary of the Athi . On average, 1624 m above sea level. NN built it is one of the highest capitals in Africa. Nairobi is located just south of the equator on the geographical coordinates of latitude 1 ° 19 ‘South and longitude 36 º 49′ East. The city lies in the tropical climate zone , but has a very high altitude because of their pleasant climate for Europeans. The average annual temperature is 19 degrees Celsius, annual precipitation 1024.2 millimeters on average. The warmest month is March with an average of 20.5 degrees Celsius, the coldest in July with 16.8 degrees Celsius on average. Most precipitation falls in the month of April with an average of 219.4 millimeters, the fewest in July with 17.5 millimeters on average.

About 60 percent of Nairobi’s residents live in slums , of which there are more than 200. In the northeast of the city’s oldest slum in the city, located in the Mathare Valley . Along the railway line to the southwest, is also the slum Kibera , with approximately 200,000 inhabitants. Earlier estimates that it was the largest slum in Africa, with up to 1 million people have been disproved by a census.Other slums are Korogocho and retention in Kariobangi . In the south of Nairobi lies the fashionable suburb of Karen , named after the Danish writer and farmer Karen Blixen who lived there for many years.

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Nairobi Kenya

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