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N Seoul Tower, South Korea

by WCC on February 29, 2012

in Asia

The N Seoul Tower is a publicly accessible television tower in the South Korean capital Seoul . The 236.7-meter tower stands 243 meters above sea level. Sea level of Mount Namsan . Therefore, Koreans call the tower often Namsan Tower (남산 타워). The tower has an open terrace at 133 meters altitude on a revolving restaurant , and two internal view galleries. The upper observation deck has a height of 138 meters. At the foot of the tower is a museum and several exhibitions. The tower is built on a rectangular building, similar to the Tokyo Tower in Japan . Before his conversion in November 2005 was the only tower Seoul Tower .

seoul tower love padlocks 550x366 N Seoul Tower, South Korea

seoul tower love padlocks

The exact origin of the custom is unclear. The starting point of the custom in Europe is probably Italy . It is thought that graduates of the Medical Academy in San Giorgio in Florence are the originators of this custom. With the end of their training period, graduates secured the padlock their lockers at the bridge lantern on the Milvian Bridge , in Rome on the Tiber leads. This was then taken over most of the lovers of Rome as a custom. The practice was the best-selling novel three meters above the sky (2005, Original: Tre metri sopra il cielo , 1992) or by continuing I want your love (2007; Italian voglia di te Ho , 2006) by Federico Moccia and the film adaptation of the material published. Swear in this story, the two protagonists ‘Eternal Love’, the lock attached to the central bridge lantern and throw the key into the Tiber.

The locks usually contain a label or engraving of first names or initials of lovers, some with date. After securing the castle is now thrown by the followers usually the key into the flowing waters below. Of the Milvian Bridge, this is done with the phrase per semper (“always”). In seoul tower many people lock the love and throw the key to the ground.

seoul tower skyview 550x440 N Seoul Tower, South Korea

seoul tower skyview

seoul view from N seoul tower 550x368 N Seoul Tower, South Korea

seoul view from N seoul tower

seoul tower south korea 550x368 N Seoul Tower, South Korea

seoul tower south korea

seoul tower inside 550x825 N Seoul Tower, South Korea

seoul tower inside

N seoul tower 550x368 N Seoul Tower, South Korea

N seoul tower

pin it button N Seoul Tower, South Korea

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