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Myanmar (formerly known as Burma / Myanmar) is a country in Southeast Asia . In the Southwest it borders the Gulf of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Bordering countries are Bangladesh , India , China , Laos and Thailand .

The country is ruled by a socialist military regime whose policy has been criticized because of the restriction of basic human rights. Therefore, it is used by many States embargo. In particular, these are the states of the European Union and the United States. Larger commercial relations exist with China and other Asian countries. There are also local relationships with neighboring Thailand . Especially in the fight against drug trafficking. Every tourist should be aware that a large part of his money from the government lands. Therefore, everyone should consider before you travel, whether he visits the country or calling the Burman Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi follows, and boycotted the country. Wikitravel is not the place for political discussions. For this exchange, there are forums on the Internet. Locally, one should not talk to locals about the politics of the country. Under certain circumstances, can bring problems for both sides.


In Myanmar, there are many ethnic groups who speak 100 languages ​​and dialects alone. Apart from the Burmans, who make up two thirds of the total population, there are the Karen, Shan, Chin, Arakanesen, Wa, Palaung, Mon, Kachin, Akha, Lahu, Naga, Intha. These consist in part from subgroups. 88% of the people of Myanmar are Theravada Buddhists. Because of the many ethnic groups flare up again on unrest in some regions. Many people want a complete or partial independence. One example is the Karen in the border area with Thailand , the army fighting with a child for a separate state. But rarely have information about the current situation to get. Officially, in the interim between the government and all rebel groups a ceasefire.


The main and official language is Burmese. Besides, there are about 100 other languages ​​and dialects. The Burman is a member of the Tibeto-Burman language group. The magazine is mainly composed of circular segments. The origin of this document is – just like the Thai and Laotian – South India. As with other languages ​​of Southeast Asia and the Burman, the meaning of words depends on the emphasis. Therefore, you should let the words of a local audition in learning. The difficulty with the pronunciation should not deter the interested traveler, a couple of words to learn. A ‘Mingalabah!’ for ‘good day’ or ‘Shisubeh!’ for ‘thank you’ to the locals will put a quick smile to the face. Very often one finds the syllable Shwe in the names. This is the Burmese word for gold.


Myanmaren all who come into contact with tourists, can English. There is thus no problem to communicate.

Check some reasons published here on why you should plan a trip to Myanmar. Myanmar is located in South East Asia and it is a beautiful country. The country boasts of a rich tradition and delicious food. It also offers some of the best sights. There are many reasons why you should visit Myanmar and it is is true for visitors from all walks of life.

In little-frequented tourist areas, such as z.Bsp. in Sittwe and Mrauk U there is only a small part of the basic vocabulary, because it may also stayed at the hotel with the understanding a bit tight. But that should not stop anyone from traveling to these areas.


Every major city in the areas that are open for tourists, offers accommodations that are set on the western tourists (WC). Basic accommodation usually have a fan. Pay for rooms with air-conditioning needs to be a significant impact. In Myanmar, the power supply is irregular. At night he ever fall off completely. Then, of course, is not even the air conditioning. Better hotels usually have their own emergency power supply. Those who are intent on should check before asking. But you can not specify a price level at which the service is available. As a rough guide, one can say U.S. $ 20-25. In principle, one can assume that the price level in the remote areas is slightly higher. Buses and trains run in Myanmar usually early in the morning around 06:00 or 07:00 clock. That’s often a necessary and timely getting longer offers the possibility to have breakfast. As elsewhere in Southeast Asia have also Myanmaren really no problem to offer your services at any time. Thus, it is usually possible to give can be the early at 05:00 with breakfast, packed lunch on the way. One needs only modest to say the night before. So you get usually placed too quick coffee.