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Mount Kilimanjaro, Tazmania

by WCC on June 8, 2012

in Africa

The Mount Kilimanjaro is 5893 m (officially: 5,895 m) altitude above sea level the highest mountain in Africa . The massif in the north-east of Tanzania has the Kibo the highest mountain on the African continent . In 1987, the landscape was of the UNESCO for World Heritage site declared.

Mount Kilimanjaro 550x412 Mount Kilimanjaro, Tazmania

Mount Kilimanjaro

About 350 km south of the equator is the Kilimanjaro in northeast Tanzania, about 500 km northwest of the city of Dar es Salaam and near the Kenyan border ( Kenya’s capital Nairobi is situated 200 km north-west.). By the middle of Lake Victoria , there are nearly 560 km to the northwest.

During the 750 to 1,000 m high ground around the Kilimanjaro in the east after the 2463 m high Pare Mountains gradually to Indian Ocean back drops, it goes over to the west and north into the mountains and plateaus countries of Tanzania and Kenya, and south in the Maasai steppe. Approximately 70 km southwest of the mountain rises 4562 meters high, the Mount Meru on.

The highest summit of the massif and to the highest point in Africa, with the Kibo 5,895 meters ( Uhuru Peak ). From Batian , in the Mount Kenya massif located second highest mountain of the continent , is located 325 km south of Kibo. Up to Margherita Peak in the Ruwenzori Mountains , there are 900 km to the northwest. The massif covers an area of ​​approximately 80 × 60 km.

Mount Kilimanjaro Zebra 550x392 Mount Kilimanjaro, Tazmania

Mount Kilimanjaro Zebra

Mount Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak 550x412 Mount Kilimanjaro, Tazmania

Mount Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak

Mount Kilimanjaro Skyview 550x412 Mount Kilimanjaro, Tazmania

Mount Kilimanjaro Skyview

Mount Kilimanjaro Elephants 550x366 Mount Kilimanjaro, Tazmania

Mount Kilimanjaro Elephants

Mount Kilimanjaro Africa 550x412 Mount Kilimanjaro, Tazmania

Mount Kilimanjaro Africa

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