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Mount Hua, China

by WCC on March 6, 2012

in Asia

The Mount Hua is one of the five sacred mountains ( holy mountains in China ) in the province of Shaanxi , near the district town Huayin the People’s Republic of China . The mountain is famous for its steep, picturesque cliffs and dangerous increase its fame to the summit. With several peaks up to 2100 m, which are linked by mountain paths, offers a unique hiking opportunity Hua Shan (vertigo-free walking required), which has been used for centuries for its natural beauty.

mount hua 550x412 Mount Hua, China

mount hua

In the ways we encounter monasteries, pagodas, temples, bridges and gates. In ancient Chinese world view that the Middle Kingdom is regarded as a square, embodies the Hua-Shan Mountains to the west Eckberg.

mount hua wallpaper 550x273 Mount Hua, China

mount hua wallpaper

mount hua china 550x415 Mount Hua, China

mount hua china

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