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by WCC on February 24, 2012

in North America

Montserrat - Island of the Caribbean , under British rule, southeast of Puerto Rico and northwest of Guadeloupe. The island was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 who named the mountain of Montserrat, a mountain near Barcelona .

montserrat Montserrat


Unfortunately, this island was devastated by a major volcanic eruption (La Soufrière) July 18, 1995 that destroyed the capital Plymouth. Half of the island and part of the coastal marine area is prohibited (an exclusion zone is in place) because the volcano is still active and it gives off toxic fumes and dust, so it’s better to spend on the windward side rather than but a cleaning of the boat is required.

montserrat landscape Montserrat

montserrat landscape

Much of its inhabitants are returned to the United States or Canada (there were many Canadians elected investing or home) or in the neighboring islands of the Caribbean. Plymouth, the ancient capital abandoned in 1997, has become a modern day Pompeii. The northern part of the island, on which the activity is repatriated, lives in constant state of alert since the volcano has regained strength and that earthquakes occur regularly, and has been since 1997.

montserrat mountain Montserrat

montserrat mountain

montserrat rocky mountain Montserrat

montserrat rocky mountain

Many tourist facilities have been swept away, we stayed only to stop and start again the next day to Antigua or Guadeloupe . Our anchorage is at Hells Gate, the area further north of the island. The majority of the population is concentrated. Many will repeat when the volcano will calm down.

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