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by WCC on February 15, 2012

in North America

Montreal has 3.7 million inhabitants the second largest city in Canada . It is located in the southwestern province of Quebec on ​​the St. Lawrence River. Founded in 1642 by French colonialists, Montreal is now the second largest city in Canada and 1.6 million inhabitants the largest city in the province of Quebec. In Greater Montreal has about 3.4 million people. The city is thus also the second largest French speaking city in the world. Although the official language in all of Quebec is French, there are some in English-dominated neighborhoods. Montréal is located in eastern Canada on the St. Lawrence River. The city is located 1400 km from the Atlantic and, with the Port de Montréal an important port for ships on their way to the Great Lakes. The city also lies 200 kilometers east of Ottawa , the capital of Canada. The appearance of the city is characterized by a typical North American cities for many high-rise buildings, but has also European influences.

montreal canada Montreal

The climate is continental. In summer, prevailing sunny days before muggy with temperatures in the winter it can get very cold, snow storms and temperatures below -20 ° C in Montreal is not often, but very uncomfortable. On average, the weather is rather dry and sunny with temperatures during the day are between -5 ° C and -15 ° C and with the appropriate clothing (and cream on the face and hands) very tolerable. Subjectively, these temperatures are less than cold wet winter days around freezing in Europe. Usually the city from late December to mid-March snow covered. To protect people from the low temperatures in winter and the sweltering heat in summer, the city center along the streets of St. Catherine and René-Lévesque by a network of underground galleries and passages running through it, the buildings and shopping malls together.

The public transport system in Montreal is well developed and operated by the STM, there are city buses and four metro lines. For timetables of buses and route guidance information to the buses and night buses see: STM – Société de transport de Montréal (site in French and English). The outlying bus routes on Saturday and Sunday less than during the week.

montreal at night Montreal
montreal at night

Except in winter, bicycles are a popular and fast alternative to the car. Although the bicycle path network is not as far developed as in many European cities, Montreal has been chosen repeatedly over the last decade for bicycle-friendly city in North America. There are around 240 km of cycle paths. Maps are available in the information, and even bike rentals can be found in the city.

montreal basilica Montreal
montreal basilica

The shopping centers in Montreal are constructed mostly underground. In total there are 11 km shopping streets with over 1,600 shops and 200 restaurants. The St. Catherine and St. Laurent Boulevard, the main shopping streets of the city and connect conveniently placed several shopping centers (the largest among them: Eaton Centre and Complexe Desjardins ) with each other.

A contrast to the inner city shopping centers, the district plateau (around the metro Mont-Royal), where you have lots of second-hand shops (under the name friperie or Brocanterie), second-hand book shops, clothes shops, or even music and CD shops can be found.

During the week, many supermarkets close only by 22 clock, some are also open 24 hours a day. Almost all shops are open 7 days a week, but they close on Saturday and Sunday by 17 clock. Supermarkets and grocery stores remain open longer on weekends. An institution is the “Dépanneurs”, small shops, which are found almost on every street corner and stay open late into the night traditionally. There you will find everything else needed, above all, beer and soft drinks.

montreal nightlife Montreal
montreal nightlife

Montreal has a very distinct culture and nightlife. In addition, there are many bars and clubs throughout the year on many major festivals, such as the Festival Juste pour Rire (comedy festival) or the Jazz Festival. There is also every year for several weeks in the summer a fireworks competition in which a jury of the various nations organized fireworks evaluated.

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