Monterosso al Mare, Italy


Monterosso al Mare is an Italian fishing village from the Middle Ages to the Ligurian coas. It is equipped with 1,521 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2010) the largest town of the Cinque Terre National Park and part of the same name on the Ligurian coast (Riviera di Levante) between La Spezia and Sestri Levante.

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Monterosso, the northernmost of the five villages, all located at approximately 12 km long coastal strip. During storms in October 2011, the city had suffered severe devastation.

Monterosso covers about 1 ½ miles and is divided into two parts, the small town is the newer district Fegina by a rock rising from the sea separately, on which the distinctive watchtower Torre Aurora 16th Century building. Through the rocks leads a 100-meter-long pedestrian tunnel.

Due to its location between steep slopes, where olives are grown and wine, the beaches of the village are quite small, but the Cinque Terre is visited both by Italians in general and of foreign day visitors (especially Americans) like to go hiking and swimming. Hiking trails lead to the neighboring Vernazza, up the hill after Soviore or kapähnlichen Punta Mesco and on to Levanto. A special feature of the village is the ‘Giant’, a carved stone figure of the rock, which had previously held a dance terrace in 1966 and damaged by a storm surge, in part.