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Montañita Beach Ecuador

by WCC on June 7, 2012

in South America

Montanita is a district that is located on the coast of Ecuador in the province of Santa Elena and through which the road from the Ruta del Sol. 200 km from the city of Guayaquil. Named for being located in a cove surrounded by hills, and vegetation at the bottom of the sea, is now a tourist resort. Your perfect right waves that reach the 2.5 m attract domestic and foreign tourists to practice sports like surfing. Montanita is a mostly peaceful, with a touch bohemian that can be checked after walking through the streets where there are all kinds of bars, restaurants informal vendors of crafts, holidays, cottages ecological, bonfires at sunset, surf lessons, and foreign of various nationalities.

Its inhabitants live by fishing, and handicrafts, but the main source of income for this spa is the tourism. This village has the status of municipality, as several fishing-villages, mainly in the coastal area of Ecuador, is managed by the villagers in a cooperative and assembly. Although the state greatly limits the real power of coastal communities, like several Montañita for its abandonment by the authorities for the preservation of ancestral community structures and the important flow of money from the tourists enjoy somewhat broader measure of autonomy than other communities. To have a say in the town Montanita without being born there, you need to make is a promise to the community life of native inhabitants. That entitles the new inhabitant of the commune to become citizens with full rights. The house rules are a combination of popular traditions, mutual agreements and consensus decisions openly.

In the 1960s, the place became a meeting point for people, usually foreign, related or inspired by the hippie movement and other alternative movements, for fun, rest and contact with nature. At that time there was some affinity between the alternative life of these visitors, both domestic and foreign, and the structure and organization and autonomous community of the village. Construction in Montanita still retain a rustic style of the coast, made of cane and straw, although currently hostels and guest houses enjoy community amenities for tourists such as hot water and drinking water. At present the panorama of this beach has changed by the arrival of lighting and public sewer, even though you can find even a few visitors with alternative lifestyles or subcultural.

The commune is one of the few beaches in Ecuador in which women frequently go topless, especially European tourists. The primary means of transportation are bicycles, pedicabs and the occasional truck, although the streets are mainly pedestrian. In some cases, accept barter or exchange as a means of payment. It is often said in the corners reggae, tropical and hippie, with banners of peace symbols, or the likeness of Che Guevara, John Lennon or Bob Marley.

During the beach season in Ecuador (from November to April), Montañita welcomes tourists from all over the world, is an ideal place to practice surfing. All Years Surfing Championships are held firms and sponsored by Ecuadorian and international brands.

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