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by WCC on February 6, 2012

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Monaco or The Principality of Monaco, is a city-state in Western Europe. It is from France, bordered on the Mediterranean coast near the border with Italy. Monaco was an ancient trading center of the Phoenicians and later the Greeks, which here on the north coast of the western Mediterranean, had erected a Temple of Hercules, who soon got the nickname Monoikos, “single house”. As the site of Roman harbor was, he was named Herculis Monoeci Portus, resulting in reduced Monaco was born. Today, Monaco, especially in the realms of world demand as a residence, as the city-state of neither income tax nor inheritance tax rises and abroad committed financial offenses not be pursued here. However, businesses pay taxes in Monaco. The state is not a member of the European Union.

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The Monegasque is a Roman dialect, of the Ligurian dialect of the northern Italian language is used. The sole official language is French. Monegasque is a compulsory subject in schools, and also the high school graduation) can be stored on Monegasque. Moreover, also in Italian and English spoken.

Monaco is the most densely populated independent country in the world (about 17,000 inhabitants per square km). The inhabitants of Monaco are called Monegasque known. The indigenous population (2008: 7.600, 22% of the population), however, makes up only a relatively small proportion of the population. With around 28% of the population are French nationals for the largest share, followed by nationals from Italy (19%), Britain (7.5%), Belgium (2.8%) and from Switzerland and Germany (2.5% ). The proportion of French people in the population is constantly declining, as resident in Monaco French nationals under an agreement between France and Monaco tax in France, so that the extremely high cost of living (especially housing prices) is not a tax savings can compensate. A total of 119 nations people live in Monaco, of which half are considered millionaires.

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