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Mompos Colombia

by WCC on June 3, 2012

in South America

Mompós is a Colombian city in Bolivar south of Cartagena. Mompós located on the lower reaches of the Rio Magdalena . Here ends the Cauca in the Rio Magdalena. The city is also famous for its goldsmiths’ work. The island is home to the famous Colombian singer and musician Totó la Momposina and her musicians (many family members). Their music is a fusion of African and Spanish influences, and the harmonies of the original inhabitants of the region. The Indian elements are particularly evident in the polyphonic melodies played by the Gaitas (flutes). The texts often refer to life on the Magdalene , who in Colombian history played an important role as a transport route. African slaves were transported here, and the cumbia has found that stream their dissemination. Based on the instruments used, the variety of ethnic influences are clear: bombo, tambor macho (llamador), tambor hembra (repicador) or tambor mayor, guache, marimbula flute, Camillo. The vocals are often found, the call-and-response pattern. So there is a choir that is in dialogue with an individual. By combining the melodies and rhythms of the Gaitas various drums, the music is often taken as a hypnotic.

Mompos Mompos Colombia


The city was on the 3rd Mompós May 1537 by Alfonso de Heredia, on behalf of the Governor of Cartagena, Juan de Santa Cruz , founded in the area of Malibues. The Indian chief of Malibúes Mompoj helped the Conquistadors in the village foundation. To thank the Spanish named the town after the chief and the governor of Cartagena as Santa Cruz de Mompox. Santa Cruz literally means ” Holy Cross “, which is reflected still in the city flag. Mompós was an important city in the Viceroyalty of New Granada. As the German scholar Alexander von Humboldt in 1801 at his South American trip, he rested on 25 April to 5 May Mompós.

Mompos colombia Mompos Colombia

Mompos colombia

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