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Molokai – Hawaii

by WCC on March 30, 2012

in North America

Molokai , also known as The Friendly Iceland is known, one of eight volcanic Hawaiian main islands. It is the only Hawaiian island that belongs to two counties, the Maui County and the small Kalawao County. The island thrives on the cultivation of watermelon and seeds. Agriculture will continue to provide the economic base. On Molokai find the birthplace of Hulagöttin Laka , is every year on Molokai on the third weekend in May, the birth of the hula celebration. Molokai will like the most Hawaiian island , formerly known as “forgotten island” because it is sparsely populated, largely untouched and still largely is spared from mass tourism. The people trying to contain and limit tourism on the West Coast.

molokai Molokai   Hawaii


A four-hour tour of the old leper colony, depicts the life and work of the famous missionary Father Damien de Veuster . On the south coast is the sea, caused upstream by a reef, very calm and shallow. On the east coast, along the Highway 450 , there are beautiful beaches, which are also suitable for snorkeling. The best beaches are located in the West Moloka’i is, among other things, these are Kawakiu Beach and Papohaku Beach , but here are the waves and the current very strong. Near Maunaloa in the west of the island, is in a park, are grown in the African and Oriental species, a Molokai Ranch Wildlife Park Safari offered. The Molokai Forest Reserve can be explored by foot or off-road and on the Main Forest Road, one finally arrives at the 1512 m high Mt Kamakou and the 1000 m high Waikolu Lookout . The Halawa Valley is reached via the highway 450th A short trail leads through the green valley to the 75 m high Moaula case .

molokai sea Molokai   Hawaii

molokai sea

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molokai photos

molokai hawaii Molokai   Hawaii

molokai hawaii

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molokai beach

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molokai wallpaper

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