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by WCC on February 3, 2012

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Moldova or Moldavia (officially Romanian Republica Moldova, German Moldova), also isolated Moldova is a landlocked country in southeastern Europe. It is bordered to the west by Romania. In the north, east and south of the Republic of Moldova is Ukraine enclosed.

moldova landscape Moldova

moldova landscape

Historically, the territory belonged to the sphere of influence of the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire. As an independent state the Republic of Moldova has only existed since 1991, when the former Soviet republic during the breakup of the Soviet Union declared independence. The political development of the country has since been through the Transnistria conflict significantly impaired.

The official language is Moldovan. While the written language, the Romanian is very similar to the spoken vernacular is largely in the eastern part of Romania, Moldova, spoken Moldovan dialect. A special role is played by the Russian language, which is used for inter-ethnic communication and trade language. In Soviet times the entire population had Russian, learn the official language of the Soviet Union. The spin-off from the Soviet Union (1989 to 1991) took place, the reintroduction of the Latin script. However, in the streets of the capital and Cyrillic lettering can be found. North and east, with increasing proximity to the border with Ukraine, takes the Cyrillic script on the streets to clear.

moldova europe Moldova

moldova europe

moldova city Moldova

moldova city

moldova Moldova


moldova girls Moldova

moldova girls

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