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Mochima National Park – Venezeula

by WCC on June 14, 2012

in South America

The Mochima National Park is a national park that is located between the states Sucre and Anzoategui in eastern Venezuela. It was declared as such on December 19th of 1973 under Decree No. 1534. Mochima National Park is located between latitudes 10 ° 9’50 “and 10 ° 26.0″ North and longitude 64 ° 13’20 “and 64 ° 47’32″ West between the cities of Puerto La Cruz and Cumana . It has an area of 94,935 hectares, of which 52% is sea surface. It consists of a group of islands that contain scenes of bays, cliffs, bays, coastal deep-water sandy beaches, coral reefs and islands and inlets, as well as, in mountainous areas of lush vegetation.

mochima national park Mochima National Park   Venezeula

mochima national park

In the park there is a varied vegetation dominated cactus, shrubs, ferns and orchids found larger trees in the upper zone of the park. Part of flora made ​​up by the mangroves, glass wort (Salicornia fruticosa, Sesuvium portulacastrum and Batis maritime). You can also get cacti as guamacho, legumes such as cují yaque and dividivi.

mochima venezuela vacation Mochima National Park   Venezeula

mochima venezuela vacation

mochima beach Mochima National Park   Venezeula

mochima beach

mochima venezuela Mochima National Park   Venezeula

mochima venezuela

mochima birds Mochima National Park   Venezeula

mochima birds

The fauna is also rich in species, predominantly birds, sea turtles and other reptiles such as iguanas, lizards, black snakes, and a wide variety of fish. The most notable mammals because of their importance are: the common dolphin, whale, herring, tailed deer, armadillos, parrots, rabbits, jaguars, foxes and capuchin monkeys. You can obsevar birds gulls, pelicans, thrushes, pigeons, guacharacas, poisonous frogs Arletteras and conotos. Mochima is one of the most sightings of dolphins in the world.

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