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by WCC on February 22, 2012

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Minsk is the capital and regional and district town, with 1.83 million inhabitants and largest city of Belarus (Belarus). Minsk is the political, economic and cultural center of Belarus with universities and colleges as well as numerous churches, theaters and museums.

minsk Minsk


Minsk is located on the Swislatsch, a tributary of the Bjaresina. The area of the city is 307.9 km² and is divided into nine districts. The City Council, the village settlements and urban settlement subordinated. Mensk, the medieval name of the town derives from the former river Menka (Menja) from a tributary of the Swislatsch. The name of the stream is most likely on the Slavic root men- back, which means “small.” This Indo-European root is “reduce” or even in words like “minimal” to find. 1991 the Council of People’s Deputies filed a Supreme Council a motion to return the city its historical name, but it was rejected.

The coat of arms shows in blue the viewer praying facing towards Holy Mother of God with a blue dress and red jacket, cap and shoes on a silver cloud standing to the side one silver-clad and a winged angel with a golden nimbus facing kneeling and hovering above it all two equally colored Cherubköpfe. Symbolism: There are also depictions of golden halo of the central figure is known. The emblem is in the flag was adopted. In a golden Oblastwappen with golden mural crown and three wave beams is the coat of arms in the upper left quarter included.

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minsk nightlife

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