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Minorca, Spain

by WCC on June 13, 2012

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Minorca is the easternmost and northernmost island of the Spanish autonomous region of Balearic Islands. In Menorca live 94 383 inhabitants (2010) to 694 square kilometers. In 2006, the proportion of foreigners 14.2% (12,543 inhabitants), the proportion of German population 0.8% (683). The capital Mahon.

minorca beach Minorca, Spain

minorca beach

Menorca has an area of almost 700 km. From Cape La Mola to the headland Bajoli the island is about 50 kilometers long and wide in the north-south direction 16 kilometers. The island is characterized by two regions: Tramuntana, the mountains in the north, and Migjorn, the hills in the south. As a result of geological folds of the rugged Tramuntana is, in its rugged coast, there are natural harbors.

In contrast, the south a gentle relief with some deep canyons. The coastline is straight with rocks and sandy beaches. In the middle of the island stands 357 meters high Mount Toro up, from which one has a panoramic view. The approximately 285-kilometer coastline offers many diversions: cliffs, secluded coves and beaches, as well as some natural harbors.

minorca wallpaper Minorca, Spain

minorca wallpaper

minorca spain Minorca, Spain

minorca spain

Outside the two towns Ciutadella and Mahon, the image of the island is mainly characterized by unhurried tranquility: many fields lined by stone walls, whitewashed farmhouses with old cheese-making tradition (see Mahon-Menorca cheese), quaint villages and picturesque fishing villages. Overall, the island is very green and wooded, and there is much agriculture. The original north is characterized by rocky and steep, rugged, fjord-like coastal part, which is gentler south, the coast is generally smoother, has better beaches and therefore more tourism.

Due to the late development of tourism in Menorca could preserve from destruction largely through settlements. In 1993 the island became a biosphere reserve declared. Today, almost half of the island with landscape and nature conservation. Many of undeveloped beaches and pristine landscapes have remained thus obtained. The construction of tourist accommodation in comparison to the tourist centers of the neighboring islands (Mallorca, Ibiza) generous and less bulky. So come to Menorca many natural and cultural enthusiasts, the island is also a stated aim of bathing, particularly among families with young children.

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minorca hotels

minorca Minorca, Spain


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