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Milan, Italy

by WCC on March 2, 2012

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Milan is the second largest city of Italy, capital of the province of Milan and the region of Lombardy in northern Italy. Within the city limits of Milan official has around 1.3 million inhabitants in the province, there are approximately 4.8 million inhabitants. The metropolitan area of Milano Grande with about 7.5 million inhabitants, is by far the largest metropolitan area in Italy. (Population stands: in each case 2006).

milan at night Milan, Italy

milan at night

Milan is the center of Italy, what economy, fashion, design and media concerns, and is considered the “moral capital” as well as its “Gateway to the World”. The city council is responsible for its Gothic cathedral, its world-famous opera house La Scala, various art treasures (including the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci), its exclusive fashion district, their trend-setting Italian cultural scene, its football clubs AC Milan and Inter Milan as well as the most important Italian exhibition, “Fiera Milano” known.

Milan is located in the Po Valley. The metropolitan area is from the rivers Olona in the west and Lambro surrounded to the east. The – underground today – even in large parts of the city running shipping channels (with the assistance of Leonardo da Vinci designed Navigli) connect the city with the northern Italian lakes and the rivers of Lombardy and were up in the middle of the 20th Century of significant importance for the Milanese economy.

The city of Milan is divided into nine zones: (Italian Zona split). Until 1999 the city council decided to reduce the number of zones, the city was divided into 20 zones. Today, Zona 1, the historical city center in the Spanish city walls in 1560. The remaining eight zones are arranged as circular segments clockwise around the zone 1. Unlike other Italian cities, the individual zones are very large (relative to the population). Nevertheless, the individual administrations of the regions few rights and obligations. Center: Centro Storico Zone 2: Stazione Centrale Zone 3 Zone 4 Litta studies: Porta Vittoria Zone 5: Porta Romana area 6: Porta Genora Zone 7: Washington Zone 8 Zone 9 Fiere: Garibaldi monumental.

Milan is the industrial center of Italy, and as such is one of the most important industrial sites in Europe. Of the 200 largest companies in the country has about half of its registered office in Milan. Here you will find most publishers, advertising agencies, market research organizations and commercial companies in the country. Milan is in terms of fashion (besides Paris) and design around the world set the tone. The internationally renowned Milan fashion weeks are held four times a year. 1910 in Milan was the car manufacturer Alfa Romeo was founded (now part of the Fiat Group). Another world-known company, the tire manufacturer Pirelli and the cable manufacturer Prysmian, in July 2005, the cable activities of Pirelli has taken over the world.

milan italy Milan, Italy

milan italy

milan europe Milan, Italy

milan europe

milan city Milan, Italy

milan city

milan Milan, Italy


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