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Michigan, United States of America

by WCC on March 12, 2012

in North America

The state of Michigan is located in the Midwest and is the heart of the Great Lakes region . He has many attractions, famous landmarks and scenic national parks and forest areas. In addition to the Great Lakes, there are also 12 000 smaller lakes in the country, 38 deepwater ports, a longer coastline than any other U.S. state except Alaska and more lighthouses than any other state.

michigan Michigan, United States of America


Regions: Lower Peninsula, Southeast, Center, North, West, and Upper Peninsula. Some of the most important tourist destinations in Michigan include:

  • Ann Arbor – University of Michigan.
  • Detroit – largest city, capital of the automobile.
  • Grand Rapids – second largest city of Michigan.
  • Holland – Beaches and Tulip.
  • Kalamazoo – home of the Western Michigan University.
  • Lansing – capital of the state.
  • Saginaw – Historical logging town.
  • Saugatuck-Douglas – busy beach.
  • Sault Ste. Marie – border town with Canada to the Upper Peninsula.
  • Traverse City – “Cherry Capital of the World.”

In summer, especially on the coasts of sultry weather, at home it is a combination of drought and humidity. The temperatures range from 27-32 degrees in the afternoon and at night they go down to 14-21 degrees. Severe thunderstorms are possible!┬áThe weather in the region is extremely unstable, it can change very quickly, which applies to the weather as well as for the temperature. Especially in the transitional seasons (spring and autumn), there is often extreme temperature fluctuation. Another feature is the ever-fresh is the sea breeze. In winter it’s freezing and temperatures below -15 degrees (-20 degrees at times too often) are not uncommon!

lake michigan Michigan, United States of America

lake michigan

michigan avenue Michigan, United States of America

michigan avenue

michigan tahquamenon falls Michigan, United States of America

michigan tahquamenon falls

Pleasant is the summer on the Upper Penisula, where blows himself at home nor a pleasant breeze. Also it is very changeable, which lies at the geographic location between two large lakes. It is therefore recommended to visit this region in summer, there is a relatively stable weather expected. Winter is coming early is very cold (and mainly by the wind unangenhem).

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